June #Squat Challenge – The Beginning

Yeah – I love challenges. Especially when I’m uber busy. Casey McKay posted a 30-day squat challenge for the month of June. I’m so in! I’m neck deep in reading A Return to Love in preparation to study A Course in Miracles and in intense rewriting of several novels so that I can do the rough draft of book 2 of a series for Camp Nanowrimo. So of course I’m going to take on a 30 day challenge involving getting my butt in better shape 😀

So, what’s the challenge? (Find out how I did at the bottom.)

30 day squat challenge

So, being the person I am, my first thought was: How to do a squat the right way. So I googled it.

First I found this. Looks easy enough – hah!


Then I found this. I liked that there were more directions and explanation.

squat - how-do-squat

But then I came across this at The Yummy Mummy Club. What I liked was she gave direct and simple directions for those of us who aren’t supercalifragilisticexpialidociously all ready for it.


How To Squat

Stand with your feet just outside your shoulders

Keep your back and neck in a neutral position, and keep your knees centred over your feet

Slowly sit into your heals, bending your knees, lowering until you reach a 90-degree angle

Return to starting position


So I will start with this and as I get used to it add the info from YouBeauty.com.


So… how did I do for day 1?

Goal:? 50 Squats – I was away from the computer while doing them, so I actually got 55 because I thought that was the goal. I had to take small breathers at 25, 35, and 45. But I got there. This is awesome.

Woo hoo! Day 1 down to a better gluteus maximus 😀 And now I need to go drink some water…

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