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I have found over the last few years – ever since my first JulNoWriMo – that I like challenging myself. To write more. Do more. Be more. And it is always a challenge with myself rather than against anyone else (Those kinds of challenges make me walk away.). However, having another person (or persons) to do it with, just makes it more fun and amps up my inner worker like crazy.

This month I’m doing a 30-day Squat Challenge with Casey McKay. It’s keeping me focused while my brain feels fried from other things going on. It’s just what I needed. And I’m also on the tail end of a 40 day meditation challenge which I plan on continuing into infinity.

So I am going to continue to do challenges with myself. Exercise and writing both. I would LOVE to have others to do these challenges with, because like I said, it makes it more fun. But I will do them no matter what.

So what challenges lie ahead?

For July I am doing:

Camp NaNoWriMo – My challenge is to write the 1st draft of a 90k book. It’s a sequel to the book I’m rewriting this month. And, by the way, that is less than 3000 words/day which when I’m in writing mode is 1.5 hours work. However, I’ve been doing rewriting for two months straight, so getting back into a regular writing routine and keeping a daily connection with my muse will be the challenge at first more than writing 3k.

Exercise challenge – I’m going to do another exercise challenge. I’m leaning toward the plank challenge. I’ve wanted to do it for a couple years and figure if I can do these squats – which I am and they are already having a physical proof they are working – then I can do the plank challenge.

For August:

It’s going to be a research month. Because in September I want to finish a Non-Fiction book that’s been on my mind lately and I’ll need the research for it.

Exercise wise – I’m thinking about doing a combined Squat/Plank challenge.

For September:

Writing the Non-Fiction book first draft – and as this is my first full-length NF book, having to write it in 30 days will be good. It won’t (hopefully) give me too much time to freak out.

Some sort of exercise challenge – I’ll figure it out by then 😀

And of course, these plans could change depending on my muse – he’s a feisty little bugger. Sometimes he wants to write what I want to write and other times, he has his own plans.

So, anyone else want to play along for July? Camp NaNoWriMo with a side of planking. Who’s in? 😀

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