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 And it’s another wonderful Seductive Studs bloghop! Hope your Monday is superb.

I was so busy offline last week I forgot to do a post. Aack! Especially as that was the release day for Becoming Rafe. So here’s a little taste of Rafe and Levlin together. I really love their relationship.


“…Is it stupid to say I still like the concept of only having sex with the person I end up with?”

Levlin placed his hand over Rafe’s, stalling his finger. “Not stupid at all. In our society there’s this crazy thought that everyone has sex before they’ve even graduated high school. Not true. A large number of my clients didn’t have sex until college or later. Now, what do you consider sex? Kissing is fine, and we’ve touched a little. What would be too far?”

It surprised Rafe. He hadn’t realized until that moment that he had expected Levlin to drop him if he admitted he didn’t want sex until later.

“Anal sex,” he blurted out, as heat flooded into his cheeks.

“All right. Is that because you want to wait to only have anal sex with your life partner or husband? Or because you don’t want anal sex at all?”

“You’re such a psychologist.”

He made that Levlin sound that made Rafe smile. “I suppose it just comes out. What I’m trying to figure out is this. Some men don’t do anal sex because they don’t even like the thought of it. Yes,” he said when Rafe looked up in surprise. “There are gay men who don’t have anal. While I enjoy it, there are tons of other wonderful things to do.”

“I want it,” Rafe admitted, “but I think that’s my line. Nothing inserted… anywhere… until I’m in a long-term relationship.”

“Okay. So no anal or oral. How about hand jobs or frotting?”

“What’s frotting?”

“Rubbing up against one another, naked.”

Heat spread through Rafe’s groin as his cock throbbed. “I think that’s okay,” he said, embarrassed when his voice squeaked.

“Good,” Levlin said, sounding relieved. “Now, I do believe you have a major reward coming.”

That did it. Rafe’s cock pressed against the front of his jeans. “You did say something about that,” he said in a breathy voice, remembering the promise from that morning. “I studied all day long too. Hard.”

“Hard, hmmm?” Levlin asked in a low growl. “Well, then, I do think you deserve a really nice reward.”

“Uh-huh.” Rafe had a hard time articulating as Levlin moved his hand down Rafe’s chest and rubbed gently over his jean-covered dick. “Fuck,” he groaned. That felt good.

“That’s not on the menu,” Levlin murmured into his ear and bit lightly on the lobe as he lightly squeezed Rafe’s length.


Book Cover: Becoming Rafe
Available at:

Becoming Rafe


Eighteen-year-old Nephi Norton goes to Falcon Pointe University to find himself. Away from his conservative family, he hopes to discover if his attraction to men is the real deal. Encouraged to be someone a little different, he starts using his middle name. “Rafe” quickly makes friends, some of whom use a paddle to dispense caring discipline, and he lives it up—until midterms hit and he realizes he’s flunking statistics class.

When Scotland native Éigneachán Jackson Levlin offers to help, Rafe is eager to accept—not only because Levlin is a psychologist, but also because he’s out and proud and hot as hell.

As their relationship heats up, Rafe decides to spend one last Christmas with his family before he tells them. When his little sister outs him to his siblings, they turn out to be fully supportive, and he takes heart—until he introduces Levlin to his father, who brutally dismisses both of them. Now Rafe must come to peace with his father’s rejection or risk losing Levlin—and all he has become at Falcon Pointe—forever.

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