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I skipped a section as I wanted you to meet Finn & Santi, Nephi/Rafe’s friends. Next week, I’ll intro you to Rafe’s love interest Levlin. (Or you can meet him at the SatSpanks bloghop posts I’ve been doing :))


The rest of the week went by quickly. Classes were good, and the real hard work hadn’t started yet. Saturday night the three of them decided to go to one of the gay clubs in town. “Will they allow eighteen-year-olds in?” Rafe asked when Santi brought it up.

“No. But that’s what fake IDs are for, my friend,” he said with a smirk.

A quirk of doubt filled Rafe’s head. Sure. He’d done some stupid stuff in his time, but a fake ID? “Can we get busted for that? I don’t want to lose my scholarship.”

“Nah. They could toss us out, but from what the guy at the GSA said, the club doesn’t tattle to the school.” He pulled out three IDs. “Finn got me a pic of you so I had them made. What do you think?”

The first thing Rafe noticed was his name. Rafe Norton. That alone made him grin. His picture was of the new him, which made it even better. “Cool. Let’s give it a try.”

At ten they stood in the back of a line of about twenty people, ready to get into a club. Of course they would have to wait, but even waiting wasn’t bad. Standing in a group of gay men made it even more exciting, and Rafe found himself bouncing on his toes.

“I can’t wait to get inside,” Santi said. “I’ve read about them online for years, and my parents think they are a den of iniquity.” He called out the last three words, making several men in line laugh.

“We can only hope,” someone called back.

As the laughter died down, another burst of merriment came from their left. The three of them turned as a huge crowd of men sauntered by. There had to be fifteen to twenty of them, most in their thirties. When Rafe spotted Bastien and David, he almost called out, but the thought of all those guys’ heads turning toward him left him tongue-tied. Instead he tried to make himself as small as possible.

“Who are they?” Finn asked, speaking right into his ear. “Professors or something?”

Snickering at the thought, Rafe shook his head. “Not sure who most of them are. My second cousin was among them.”

“Why didn’t you say hi?” Santi asked.

Rafe shrugged. He felt like a wuss.

They waited forty minutes, but the club was everything he had expected, and they could feel the beat the moment they walked in the door. They paid the twenty-dollar cover charge and wandered out of the foyer and onto a huge dance floor.

“Holy shit,” Finn said, gawking. Rafe couldn’t blame him. There were sweaty men grinding up against one another everywhere he looked.

“Let’s dance,” Santi said. He grabbed the both of them and drew them into the crowd.

It was impossible not to get turned on in the sea of sweaty, horny men, and Rafe didn’t even try. When someone stepped up against his back and ground against his ass, he moaned. Strong arms encircled his waist as hot breath ghosted over his ear. “Hello, sexy,” said a deep voice. “Haven’t seen you here before.”


Book Cover: Becoming Rafe
Available at:

Becoming Rafe


Eighteen-year-old Nephi Norton goes to Falcon Pointe University to find himself. Away from his conservative family, he hopes to discover if his attraction to men is the real deal. Encouraged to be someone a little different, he starts using his middle name. “Rafe” quickly makes friends, some of whom use a paddle to dispense caring discipline, and he lives it up—until midterms hit and he realizes he’s flunking statistics class.

When Scotland native Éigneachán Jackson Levlin offers to help, Rafe is eager to accept—not only because Levlin is a psychologist, but also because he’s out and proud and hot as hell.

As their relationship heats up, Rafe decides to spend one last Christmas with his family before he tells them. When his little sister outs him to his siblings, they turn out to be fully supportive, and he takes heart—until he introduces Levlin to his father, who brutally dismisses both of them. Now Rafe must come to peace with his father’s rejection or risk losing Levlin—and all he has become at Falcon Pointe—forever.

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