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13th of the 13th of the 13th

The wind whistled as his car whipped down the small highway, going almost twenty miles over the speed limit. Trey was too busy thinking to notice his speed, the trees flying by, and Gayla sitting at his side. This trip had been a long time coming and he did not want to take it.

His mother’s death had been both a surprise and a relief. As much as he loved her, she was a constant reminder to a past he tried to forget daily. A loud sigh from his partner made him glance over before turning his eyes back to the road. He knew she was bored. How could she not be? Gayla was not exactly the kind of girl who ever left the city. She was born there and thought that trees were always pristine, cows were clean, and that people who lived outside the city were boring as hell.

Not that he could blame her. She lived a very ritzy life. That’s what happens when your daddy owned a major hotel chain and you were raised with a silver spoon in your mouth. Even though she was spoiled, she was also incredibly smart, had a good head on her shoulders, and ran her own business. It was for the last three reasons that he had started dating her.

It was his dating her that had killed his mother.
Well, not killed her. Not really. More like his mother finally felt her responsibility was done now that he was dating a woman and she could finally join her husband in the hereafter. It was her dying and the reading of the will that had brought him out here… to a place he never thought he would be again.

“Are we even close?” Gayla sighed.

Chuckling, Trey nodded. “About another half hour, babe. Then you can see where I grew up. I can make sure there is nothing I need to get out of there, and we can leave.” Never to return, he added silently, queasily aware of the tightening of his gut at that thought. As much as he did not want to go to the house where he spent his formative years, he needed to get this done. He was not going to allow the ghosts of his past to stop him.

Twenty-five minutes later, he slowed down the car as they came upon a tiny town. Out of the corner of his eye, he watched Gayla’s mouth drop. “This isn’t where you grew up, is it?” she asked horrified, looking at the one street that comprised the town of Fae, Washington.

“Well, yes and no. This is the town we belonged to officially. Went to school right over there.” He pointed to a small building behind an even smaller church. “But we lived so far out of town that it never felt as though we belonged.”

As soon as they passed the town, he picked up speed again, though not nearly as fast as he had gone before. He hadn’t been there in almost twenty years and wasn’t exactly sure he would recognize the turnoff. Five miles later, his eyes spotted a grouping of three trees his memory recognized. They were overgrown and the brush underneath them looked wild, but he knew those trees. Automatically, he slowed down and gazed at them as he passed by. A twinge of longing hit his gut and he immediately squashed it. Now was not the time. He was here to say goodbye, not to remember

Three miles later, he spotted the gate. Old, rusted, and looking as though it would fall apart, it did not look any different than he remembered it. Pulling into the small drive in front of it, he got out of the car and walked over to it, unlocking the padlock and pushing it open, chuckling at the grinding metal. If he wasn’t planning on selling the place, he would oil it down.

Trey walked back to the car and wiped the smile off his face.

But he was selling the place, so there was no room for sentimentality. Once back in the car, he headed down the long drive that would take them to his old homestead.

Their closest neighbor was over three miles away, but distance never quite stopped the scent that wafted their way. Gayla wrinkled her nose and covered it with her hand. “What is that disgusting smell?”

He snorted a laugh. “Dairy farm, Gayles. That is what real cows smell like.”

She glared at him while digging in her purse. She removed a small bottle from it as well as a handkerchief. After spraying some liquid on the kerchief, she held it up over her nose. The scent of lavender reached Trey’s nose and he just shook his head in amusement. No doubt, she would take two showers once they got back to town. She might even burn the clothes she was wearing for fear of smelling like a cow.

The unpaved road was ruddy, filled with tons of potholes. His car jerked back and forth as he tried to find the least offensive areas to roll over. It made him wish he had brought the Land Rover, rather than his Lexus. The poor car would need an overhaul when he got back to town.

They drove through a clump of trees and his gut clenched. Almost immediately the trees cleared and they could see a large green pasture. Beyond it stood a converted barn – his childhood home. As he drove by the pasture, he noticed it looked in better shape than he would have expected. It wasn’t overgrown with weeds. Confused, he decided he would figure that out later.

The driveway itself was also not weed infested. How strange. In fact, the entire drive, while ruddy and pothole infested, had been weed-deficient. Who had come out to the house? Did his mother have people taking care of it? Almost immediately, he nodded. That had to be it. Even if they did not live there, his mother would insist it be taken care of, just in case.

Parking the car in front of the porch, he turned it off and got out. Gayla climbed out, still holding the cloth over her nose. “Keep it there until we get inside, babe.” He could still smell it, but even with twenty years away from the smell, he did not mind it. It smelled like home.

Fishing out the keys the lawyer had given him, he unlocked the door and opened it, walking in. It was exactly like he remembered it and not at all what he would have expected. Where were the cobwebs? Shouldn’t he hear the scurrying of little critters? Glancing over his shoulder where Gayla stood just inside the door, he knew she would freak if a mouse scurried out in front of her. Whoever had kept the house clean had his gratitude. It would make what he needed to do easier.

“Shut the door and come on in, Gayles. Let me show you around.”

She shut the door and walked to his side, pulling the cloth away from her hose and sniffing tentatively. “It doesn’t smell musty.”

Shaking his head, he looked around. “No, it doesn’t. Mom must have had a cleaning service come up or something.”

Taking her hand, he led her through the small entry way into a long hallway. “The living room and dining room are down this way.” As he showed her the first floor, he could swear he smelled bacon frying and the sound of running footsteps. Odd how memories almost seemed real. “When my parents bought the property almost fifty years ago, this was just an old barn, used to store hay. It took my parents almost a decade to turn it into their home.” He grinned. “I was born the day they were supposed to move in.”

Looking over at her, he was surprised to see a disappointed look on her face. Then he remembered what she was used to. Of course this place probably did not look like much to her. She was used to the finer things in life. It hurt him anyway that she would feel that way. This was his past.

After showing her the living room, dining room, and kitchen, which looked more updated than he remembered, he pulled her over to a staircase that ran along the wall. “Up on the second floor are the bedrooms.” He showed her his parents’ room, gritting his teeth when she snickered at the homemade bedspread that covered the queen bed. Passing the couple of guest rooms, he reached his childhood bedroom. On the door, a plaque that read Treyto’s room looked polished. He smiled at it.

He opened the door and walked in, letting go of her hand. She could follow him if she wished, but he almost wished she wouldn’t. Something said she would not be impressed in here either.

“You slept on the floor?” she gasped in horror, looking at a small mattress that sat against the far corner.

“No,” he chuckled. “When we moved, we took my bed with us. I don’t know what that is doing there.” Turning around slowly, he gazed at the room. It was just as clean as the downstairs. The thought that someone had come in and disturbed it was strange. Why would his mother have the place cleaned? She hadn’t been back here since his father died ten years ago.

The walls were clean, gray – just like he left them. And yet, something felt wrong here. Was it just from coming back after all this time? The psychologist said she thought he was ready. He had not had those dreams in a very long time.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, placing a hand on his arm.

He shrugged, trying to shake the odd feeling. “Must be coming back after all this time. It feels odd.”

She smiled. “Yeah, I don’t know what I would think if I ever visited the first place I was. It would feel strange. Like little ghosts from my past.”

Relieved, he nodded and walked over toward his closet. As far as he knew, they had taken everything when they left, but that was what he was here for – to see if there was anything he wanted to keep before getting rid of the place. Opening the door, all he saw was a set of shelves on one side and a clothes rod on the other. No boxes, no mementos, nothing. It felt… wrong. Frowning, he shut the door and turned back. “Nothing in here.”

“Okay, so where do you want to start?” she asked eagerly, clearly wanting to get this over with and get out of there as fast as possible.

“Well, I guess I should go through every room, looking for boxes, pictures, anything. Put them all in the living room and go through them.”

“Why don’t you hit some rooms and I will hit others? That way there will be more time for you to go through everything?” she suggested.

Nodding at the idea, even though he felt it was probably more self-serving—she did not want to stay here tonight—he waved out the door. “I’ll take my parents’ room. Why don’t you take one of the guest rooms to start?” She nodded and headed over to a room, opened the door and walked in. Sighing, because something told him there was something very wrong here, he closed his bedroom door behind him. Looking back, his hand raised of its own accord, fingering the burnt in letters of his childhood nickname.


Jumping and turning around, he looked quickly in every direction. Nothing. “Hello?” he called.

Gayla stuck her head out of the room. “Did you call, Trey?”

Grimacing, he shook his head. “Sorry about that. Thought I heard something.”

Smiling, she nodded and walked back into the room.

Damn, he just needed to get this stuff done. The longer he spent here, the more he felt off, as though something was going to happen. He had felt that feeling before… the last time was why they left.

Walking quickly into his parents’ room, he looked around. It looked just like he remembered. But… he walked over and dragged a finger across the top of the dresser. “Dirt.” The whole room was covered in dirt. Looking around, he realized there were several cobwebs in the corners. “Now this is how I expected the whole house to look.” Shaking his head in confusion, he opened the closet, pulling out four boxes that were stuffed into the back.

Ignoring his desire to see what they were, he took four trips to carry them downstairs, once again returning to their room. He pulled out the drawers of the dresser, making sure nothing had dropped behind. After the last drawer was out and he was about to replace them, something caught his eye. Getting down on his hands and knees, he reached in and pulled a picture out of the back. Replacing the drawers, he picked up the picture, stood up and turned it over.

Stumbling backward, he sat on the bed, his mouth open, eyes wide. “But… no.”

No, there was no way he was looking at a picture of … of him. No. Feeling his chest constrict, he walked quickly from the room, down the steps and out onto the front porch. Taking slow, sure breaths, he tried to get his thoughts in order. There was no way there could be a picture of him. He did not exist! Even as he tried to breathe slowly, he started pacing back and forth. It had taken over ten years of therapy to deal with those strange delusions. Yes, they were delusions, he repeated to himself mentally. “There is no way there was a picture of him in their room.”

Shaking, he lifted his hand to rub against his forehead, startled to find the picture hanging from his index finger. Shaking slightly, he once again looked at it. It was a picture of Trey’s bedroom as it had been when he lived here; four-poster cowboy bed with intricate carvings in the wood posts; cowboy blanket; as well as cowboy paraphernalia hanging over every surface. But it was the young man smiling at the camera that kept his gaze. Straight shoulder-length blond hair, bright twinkling hazel eyes, a smirk that made him look older than sixteen there was no doubt, this was him… Corven, the delusion that had made his family leave this house and had made him spend the last twenty years getting past it.

“How could there be a picture of a person that doesn’t exist?” he whispered aloud, confused and shaken.

“Trey!” Gayla’s voice jerked him out of his confusion.

Startled, he shoved the picture into his shirt pocket just before she stuck her head out the door. “There you are! Are you okay?” Her expression turned to one of concern and she walked out, placing her arms around him.

“Old memories,” he murmured, leaning his head against hers.

They stood there for a few moments. “Maybe we should have someone else clear this stuff out,” she suggested, trying to be helpful.

Shaking his head, he pulled away slightly. “No, this is something I need to do, Gayla. For myself, for us, for our future if we have one.”

Shrugging, she nodded and headed back inside. “The guest rooms are filthy!” she called back over her shoulder.

“So was my parents’ room,” he replied, following her in.

As much as he did not want to do it, he went through every nook and cranny in his parents’ room, looking for any other indication Corven had existed. He found none, shaking his head at what was surely some odd fluke. Could he have dressed up like Corven at some point? Maybe he dressed up like him for Halloween or something. Knowing that had never happened, he left their room and headed downstairs to look through the kitchen and pantry.

The kitchen was clean and held a few pots and pans as well as a few cracked cups and dishes. “Nothing to save here,” he said dryly as he walked into the pantry. The room was filled with empty shelves.

“Treyto,” whispered a voice into his ear and he swung around. Nobody was behind him. Walking quickly into the kitchen, he looked around again. But nobody was there.

“This is not happening again,” he hissed, pulling out his phone and dialing his therapist. Three rings and she picked up.


“Dr. Vassen, I’m having flashbacks!”

“Calm down, Trey. Tell me what’s happening.” Her calm voice allowed him to get his breathing under control.

“This whole place is weird. I don’t even know how to explain it. Parts of the house are clean and taken care of, others are filled with dust and cobwebs. My room is spotless,” he whispered.

“So maybe your mother had someone come clean.”

He snorted. “Yeah, that is what I thought. But why part of the house? Plus,” he gulped, opening his mouth a couple times before he could force the words out. “I found a picture of him.”

There was a small pause before she replied. “Of who?”

“Him!” he hissed as quietly as possible. He didn’t want to upset Gayla. She did not know of his delusions.

“Trey, how can there be a picture of someone who does not exist?”

“That is what I want to know!” he snapped back, reaching to grab the picture. He would snap a photo of it and send to her. Grasping at his pocket, he was shocked to find nothing. “Damn, I lost it. It must have fallen out of my pocket when I was looking through Mom and Dad’s room. Damn it!”

“Trey,” she said in a calm soothing voice. “You knew that going back there would be hard. It is being back in that environment that is bringing back the delusion. Don’t worry. When you get back to town we will have a couple extra sessions. Everything will be back to normal in no time.”

A loud scream erupted from upstairs.

“Shit!” he yelled running for the stairs, taking them three at a time.

At the same time Gayla rushed out of one of the bedrooms, “Rat! Rat!” she screamed, rushing past him down the stairs.

“Trey? Trey, what is going on?”

Trey glanced down at the phone and groaned. “Gayla came across a rat apparently.”

She chuckled softly. “Look, Trey. Grab what you want to take and get out of there. Put the place up for sale and come back to town. Put the past behind you, my friend.”

Growling under his breath, Trey nodded. “Right. I need to go see if she is okay, then get the boxes out to the car. I will call you when I get back to town.”

Once the phone was back in his pocket, he took a glance inside the room she had been in. Dirty, dusty, even worse than his parents’ room. “Disgusting.” Closing the door, he turned to go back downstairs. After all, he needed to see if Gayla was okay. As he went to take the first step down, a rustle came from the direction of his room, as though someone was moving something around.

Frowning, he turned and headed back to his bedroom. Staring at the plaque on his door, his frown deepened. The one who had given him that nickname was supposedly a delusion right? He even thought he had found a picture that suddenly disappeared? “Damn, I’m going to end up back where I was when this whole damned thing started. Maybe I should just have the place knocked down.”

Opening the door, he took a step in and froze. Everything was exactly the same as it had been when he walked in earlier, but now it was cold… ice cold. “No,” he whispered, remembering all the times he had felt cold and clammy just before Corven showed up. “No.

“This delusion is not going to take me. I will not let it happen.” Squaring his shoulders as if going in for battle, he stepped inside the room, shocked when the door shut behind him. “I will not let this delusion control me,” he muttered firmly, taking another step toward the far closet. A thump came from the closet and his heart started hammering like crazy.

“Treyto,” whispered a voice from within the closet. “Treyto, it has been too long, my friend. Let me out to play.”

“No, you are just a delusion,” he replied shakily, using the words his therapists had taught him to battle it. “You do not exist.”

A low chuckle responded. “Don’t I? I have perfect recall, Trey. I do indeed exist. However, I have missed you, my friend. You left so quickly. Your parents would not tell me where you went and I asked so… nicely.” The voice turned cold at the end. “They took you away from me, Trey. They never should have done that. We were getting so close to you being able to cross over to my side.”

“I don’t believe in you. You don’t exist,” Trey murmured in a small voice. His body shook as he took another step in the direction of the closet. One by one, distant memories, memories he had blocked as aberrations filled his mind. The first day he had met Corven, the first time they touched, the first time they kissed, the first time they made love. A low moan left his throat.

“Yes, you sound as though you do not believe I exist,” the voice said amused. “Do you remember that time your parents went to town and we spent the entire afternoon in each other’s arms? Mmmm. I have missed you, Trey. It has been too long, my friend. Ask me to come out.”

Stuck in the middle of the room, Trey stared at the closet. He wanted to go to it, open it, and prove that Corven did not exist. And yet… he wanted him to exist. The best times of his life were spent in the arms of that man, that being. When he first left… NO. He didn’t leave. His parents sent him away. He was sent to an institution where they continually told him he was delusional.

“I cried out for you every night,” he whispered, watching the door. “They told me you were a delusion. That you did not, could not exist.” He gulped at the pain those words had caused.

“I wanted to find you, Trey. But this room is the only way into your realm that I have found. Your parents were quite uncooperative.” He snorted. “Your mother told me I was a bad influence and had turned you gay. I tried to explain to her that you were already gay. She did not want to hear that.” He chuckled, but it sounded sad. “After they left, I spent much of my time here. I kept your room clean as well as the other rooms we spent time in. I was not able to leave the house.”

“Then why aren’t you here now?” Trey challenged, his mind kicking into logical gear. “If you have been out about the house, why are you hiding?”

“If just you had come into the house, I could have shown myself to you. But you did not. You brought her.” The voice turned angry. “Who is she, Trey?”

“She’s my girlfriend.”

At first there was silence. “Girlfriend? Trey, you are gay. Do you really want a sexless existence?”

“I am bi,” Trey hissed back, anger at the last twenty years over-flowing him. “Don’t try and control my thoughts. Gayla is a wonderful woman. One day she may even be my wife!”

“Send her away, Trey. Let me out.” The voice was cold, hurt.

Glaring at the closet, Trey shook his head even as he took a step closer. “No. You do not exist and I am going to prove it.” Grimacing, he took the last two steps and pulled the closet open. Nothing. Relief poured through him. It was all a delusion. Taking a few deep breaths, he turned to leave the room. A cold blast hit him, knocking him backward into the closet. Before he could gain control and walk back out, the closet door closed.

“Well, if you would not let me out to play, I brought you in here with me,” whispered a deep male voice.

A scent he knew all too well, hit his nostrils. “Corven,” he moaned.

“I knew you remembered,” whispered the voice again. “I’m taking you with me this time, Trey. I’m not leaving you to exist in a cold world where they think you are crazy. Instead, you will live with me, in between worlds.”

“But I have to stay,” Trey forced through lips that did not want to work. When a hand grabbed his cock through his jeans, he almost dropped to his knees.

“No, Trey. It has been twenty years. I think we both have waited long enough. Strip.”

The long-remembered command was impossible for Trey to ignore, even as his logical mind said this was all a lie—that it was not really happening. For once, he did not care. He had missed the physical side of his and Corven’s relationship so badly. No man or woman that he had ever been with had been as amazing. Standing up, he quickly stripped off his pants and shirt. “Corven,” he whispered as he felt someone kneel in front of him.


Without a further word, Trey felt his long hard cock engulfed by a cool, wet mouth. “FUCK!” he gasped, shoving his hips forward uncontrollably. Corven chuckled, the sensations making the blow job that much more intense. “Oh, damn, Corven! I’ve missed this.” Without thinking, he reached forward and grasped hold of a head he would have sworn was not there a few minutes before. Holding it still, he started to fuck Corven’s mouth. “Suck harder. Harder! Fuck!” Not giving any thought to anything except the throat fucking he was giving his childhood boyfriend, he gave himself over to his need, thrusting into Corven’s mouth over and over again. “Close,” he hissed as his stomach tightened and his balls drew up to his body. “Close!”

When his body released, it was though it released all the strain of the last twenty years. Yelling out “Corven!” he collapsed to the floor shaking and twitching, unable to control his muscles.

A pair of strong arms encircled him from in front. “Shh, Trey. I’m here. Nobody can hurt you now. I’m here.”

Trey was unaware of the passage of time as he lay in Corven’s arms, spent and happy for the first time in a very long time. “Please tell me you are not a delusion,” he whispered frantically, wrapping his arms around his friend.

“No, Trey. I am not a delusion. I am not human either, but you already knew that.” Fingers combed through his short hair. “I preferred you with longer hair.”

Chuckling, Trey pulled his head back. “Yeah, I grew up, cut my hair, did adult things.”

“Adult things? What? Like get a job?” Corven asked incredulous, sitting up while pulling Trey up with him.

“Hey, in this world you can’t quite exist without one.”

“Well, no fear, where we are going, you do not need a job.”

Frowning, Trey leaned on Corven. He remembered they used to whisper into the night about how Trey would go with him and they would leave this world far behind. It had sounded so exciting back then. Now, he wasn’t so sure. “Where are you considering taking me?”

“Considering? Not considering, Trey, taking. You are coming with me.” Corven’s voice hardened. “I have waited for you for twenty years. Plus, if I let you go back, they will just call you insane and put you away again. Won’t they?” he snapped, releasing his friend and standing up.

“Possibly,” Trey admitted. Actually, it was probable he would have himself put away. He wondered if this kind of delusion was even safe for Gayla to be around. “Wait – did you scare Gayla?”

Laughing, Corven turned on the small overhead light in the closet giving Trey a look at the same man he remembered. And yet not. Corven had aged. And he was even better looking now than back then. Winking at Trey, Corven pulled him to his feet. “Yeah, just a little. It was so easy. You would have loved the look on her face. It matched the one on your mother’s face the day she saw the pies floating over her head.”

The grin that came onto Trey’s face at the memory of his mother’s shocked expression left as he thought about Gayla. “She’s a good person, Corven. Don’t mess with her.”

Frowning, his friend looked at him. Shrugging, he unzipped his pants and pushed them down. “Suck me off, Trey.” Once again, it was a command. Trey wanted to ask him to stop bossing him around, but one look at his friend’s eight inch cock and he dropped to his knees.

“You’ve gotten bigger,” he remarked, stroking it slowly as it hardened and stretched toward him.

“I grew up,” Corven responded amused. “I could have stayed sixteen forever, but I knew you would age, so while I did not allow myself to age at the same rate, I wanted to be closer to your age when you found me again.” He smiled. “So, now I look closer to thirty-five.”

Looking up into his friend’s face, Trey smiled back. While the cute, carefree Corven still remained, the years he had added made him even better looking in Trey’s opinion. “You are even more gorgeous now than you were then.”


Chuckling, Trey leaned forward, inhaling Corven’s unique scent filled with musk and the scent of hay. He had never found anything quite like it. “Fuck, I love the way you smell,” he moaned, licking his friend from base to tip. Smiling at the little bead of pre-cum, he licked it off quickly. “And the way you taste.” Pulling the foreskin back, he took the tip into his mouth, running his tongue all along the frenulum, smiling as Corven groaned.

Licking the underside, he pulled the cock further into his mouth, sucking it while making sure to lick each vein on the underside as it entered his mouth.

“You’ve gotten better at this,” Corven panted.

Grinning, Trey shoved his face forward, pushing Corven’s dick all the way into his throat. He swallowed.

“Ahhh!” Corven hollered, grasping hold of the back of his head.

Moaning at how wonderful it felt to be deep-throating his lover after so long, Trey set a fast, intense speed, working his way up and down Corven’s shaft quickly, making sure to run his tongue along the underside on the way up. Reaching forward he took Corven’s balls in his hands and massaged them a little.

“FUCK! You’ve gotten really good at this!”

Chuckling Trey stopped for a second and sucked, hollowing out his cheeks as he slid back down, pulling Corven’s cock as far in as it could go. After he was released from the hospital at age twenty-one, he dated man after man after man, looking for someone who did it for him like his delusion, but none of them worked. In the meantime, he had learned a lot about giving head. He couldn’t wait to show Corven how much he had learned.

When Corven held his head still and took over, Trey relaxed and let him fuck his mouth. He loved the feeling of his lover’s long, hard cock drilling into his throat over and over. Of course, he would be sore tomorrow, probably wouldn’t even be able to talk, but that did not matter. The only thing that mattered was that he was with him now.

As he felt his body begin to tighten, he worked his tongue against the underside of the beautiful cock fucking his mouth as hard as he could. He wanted Corven to have the best orgasm he had ever had. When Corven yelled and fell to his knees almost immediately, Trey felt as though he had succeeded.

Breathing hard, Corven took a few minutes to get his breathing under control. “I could kill your folks for taking you away from me,” he said through full, plump lips.

“Doesn’t matter anymore,” Trey whispered. “They’re gone. We’re together. Just like we always wanted, right?”

Smiling, Corven nodded, leaning forward to rest his forehead against Trey’s. “I missed you so much.”

“Same here.” Even when Trey had convinced himself that Corven was a delusion, he was constantly looking for someone just like him. “I’m so glad you weren’t a delusion.”

Chuckling, the two knelt together for a few minutes until they heard someone yelling.

“Trey! Trey, what’s going on? Trey, where are you? Trey!” Gayla’s voice rang from far away.

“We need to go now, Trey. Before she finds us,” Corven whispered, pulling them both to their feet. “Are you ready?” he asked softly, stroking his friend’s cheek. He was prepared to take Trey by force, but he would prefer that his lover go eagerly. It would make the transition easier.

Looking at the closet door, Trey thought of all the things he would be leaving behind. Job, only a few friends—nobody close, and Gayla. She would get over him. Turning back to Corven, he nodded. “Take me home.”


Gayla rushed up the stairs, internally chanting for there to be no rats as she went to find her boyfriend. He had been acting odd all day and she was half afraid he would want to stay there if she did not get him out soon. “Trey! Trey, what’s going on?” No reply.

“Trey, where are you?” Still no reply. “Trey!” she screamed. A thump came from the direction of his childhood bedroom and worried, she rushed to it. Grabbing the door handle, she tried to open it, but it was locked. “Trey! The door is locked. Trey? Are you all right?” She jiggled the door hard, worried about the man on the other side. Had he fallen? “Trey! I’m going to go get something to open the door. Hold on!”

After running back downstairs, she ran out to the car, pulled her cell phone out of her purse and upended it, trying to find what she needed. Five minutes later, she ran back up the steps, her toolkit handy. While Trey had always considered her a spoiled little rich girl, he did not know she spent most of her teenage years bored; so she had learned how to pick locks and break into other people’s homes. The moment she got to his door, she started picking the lock.

It might have been years, but within two minutes the lock clicked and she slammed the door open. “Trey!” she gasped, rushing to the side of the man collapsed on the floor. “Trey, what’s…?” the rest of the words trailed off as her hand touched his neck. No pulse. “Oh, god no,” she whispered, grabbing his wrist to be sure. No pulse. He was lying on his stomach as though he had been facing the window when he fell so she rolled him over on his back and placed her ear to his lips. No breath.

Remembering a little of CPR, she opened his mouth and bent over to blow into it when her eyes fell on the wall. Right in front of her eyes, words started to appear out of nowhere as though someone was painting them as she watched.

We met many years ago.
He left me, but has returned.
Trey is mine and forever will be.
His human body is no longer needed, do with it what you will.
13th son of the 13th son
The 13th Realm
Leave now or I will take you too.

Jumping to her feet, she glanced down at Trey one more time. “I’m sorry,” she whispered before running from the room. As she hit the front entrance, she realized he still had the keys to his car. Too late now. She just kept running down the lane, no idea that someone watched her from the window of Trey’s old room.


“You didn’t have to terrify her,” Trey groaned, standing up. Not breathing felt strange, but he knew he would get used to it. Who knew that becoming immortal happened so quickly?

Corven turned and grinned. “Never mind her. We have places to go, things to do. Come.” He held out his hand and with a smile, Trey took it, following his lover through the entrance into the closet where his whole existence was about to change.

“13th son of the 13th son of the 13threalm?” he asked dryly as the closet they were in slowly disappeared and a white cloud like film began to fill the air. He grasped his lover’s hand a little more firmly.

Laughing, Corven nodded. “I couldn’t resist. Humans are so superstitious about the number thirteen. I figured three of them would make it thrice as scary.” Grinning, he pulled Trey closer and held him. “Hold on, this first part can be a bit jarring your first hundred times or so.”

“My first hundred ti—” Trey’s voice dropped off as every cell in his body felt as though it caught on fire and exploded.

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