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WIPimage12Hey, WipItUp‘ers! How’s your Wednesday going? Mine is going swimmingly. I’m trying to figure out which publisher(s) to submit a Highland Romance to. Figured I’d share a snippet of it today as I am brain dead on computerisms and can’t think 🙂


So the lass was English. Faolán leaned against a tree and considered that. He hadn’t planned on such a thing and at the moment could not stomach the idea. An English woman would not be able to handle the extreme weather or people of the Highlands. Graham’s bride was a Scot and she hadn’t lasted. How could anyone expect a pitiful English woman to?

It was a shame. She was the first woman to not only interest him physically, but mentally. Her barbs were amusing and she obviously had no trouble standing up to him. That was one thing Scottish lasses rarely did. After all he was Faolán Sutherland, the fiercest warrior in the Highlands.

And the last thing he wanted was a bride who would lie there like a timid English woman with her eyes closed while he took her. Nay. She was out as a possible bride. If he could just stop thinking of her.


Currently Untitled

Mary, eldest of the Renton siblings, is thrilled to go to Scotland to attend the Highland Summer Festival with her father’s cousin, Brian. As her protector he is responsible for her actions. She’s just out for a lark. Never expects to meet and have words with the hateful Laird Faolán Sutherland—odious Highlander—who just happens to the best looking man she’s ever seen. That he steels her heart is a given. The question is: Will she ever gain his in return?

And now on with more works in progress….

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