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And it’s another wonderful Seductive Studs bloghop. Are you ready for some wonderful M/M snippets?

I’m giving you a bite from my Corbin’s Bend novella A Good Family Man.


The Pit sat in the northwest corner of Corbin’s Bend. Close enough to walk to, but far enough away that the scent of barbeque wouldn’t constantly be filling other people’s homes. It had the whole wild-west barbeque feel most similar restaurants had with a terrace as a second story and the wonderful smell of meat filling Jack’s nostrils. Their waitress showed them to a table on the main floor and after ordering, Jack took a look at the man seated across from him.

Josh wasn’t much shorter than he was, though he was slimmer. More of a swimmer’s build and boy didn’t that catch Jack’s interest. He pushed it back, knowing he was not interested in a relationship with anyone…of course if the man was open to a one-night stand that might be different. He wouldn’t mind checking out his body sans clothing.

After their beers were delivered, Josh took a long drink of his, sighing with pleasure as he sat his glass down. “Tired?” Jack guessed.

“A bit,” he acknowledged with a smile. “Spent the last two weeks packing up the stuff I would bring with me, dumping the rest, and yesterday packing the van. I think this weekend I may crash a bit before work on Monday.”

“What do you do?”

“Nurse practitioner. You?” The question was one he should have expected but the suddenness of it came as a bit of a shock.

“In between careers. Just retired from one.”

“Cool. This is actually my second career. Didn’t go to college until I was twenty-five. By that time, I knew I wanted to do something with medicine. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I became fascinated with becoming a nurse practitioner.”

“What does it take?” Jack asked with interest. He’d been treated by NPs before, but didn’t know much about them.

“Four years of undergrad, two to three years of a master’s program and then practicum after that. I love children so much that I took the full Family Nurse Practitioner program at UC Denver. Completed my degree in June,” he said proudly just as their food arrived.

Talking to Josh was easy, even if he felt a little guilty that he asked more questions than he answered. There were just some things he wasn’t prepared to talk about. “Do you have any family?” Jack hadn’t seen a ring on the man’s hand, but that didn’t mean much.

“My parents live in Colorado Springs, my twin sister Jaylee and her daughter, Sheila, live in Denver.” The way his whole face softened on the last name brought a smile to Jack’s face.

“I take it you’re wrapped around Sheila’s finger?”

Laughing, Josh nodded even as he took a bite of his pulled pork sandwich, his laughter quickly turning to a moan of pleasure. “This is good,” he said once he’d swallowed, pointing to the sandwich. “How’s yours?”

They ate and talked, the conversation flowing so well that Jack never even noticed the time flying by until Josh suddenly looked at his watch and swore. “I need to get the moving van back before they charge me another day’s rent.” He paused and offered a rather sexy smile. “I hate to break this up, though. I’ve never felt so comfortable with someone I barely know.”


UPDATE: (7/4/2018) This book is currently Out of Print – it has been rewritten and will be republished under Corbin’s Bend Pride in the future.

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