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WIPsideimageAnd it’s another wonderful WipItUp Wednesday. I’m typing pretty well for a person who is missing most of the letters on her keyboard 😉

Okay, since Finding His Home is now released and my next release won’t be until May/June, I’m going to give you a teaser snippet from a M/M book I’m working on. It’s tentatively titled Living Free. Parker has a little secret.


While his food heated up, he left the kitchen and walked into his bedroom. It was a nice room with a sloped roof and light oak paneling. Taking up a large amount of space was his California king bed. As a single man who never had anyone over, it seemed a bit over the top that he would have such a monstrosity, but he loved it. After removing his gray pinstripe suit, he hung it up and placed it in the part of his closet set aside for those items that needed to be cleaned. He pulled out a pair of sleep pants from his dresser as well as a white t-shirt and by the time he walked back out into the kitchen, the ding of the microwave announced his food was ready to eat.

In the corner of the kitchen, between two windows, he sat down at his small dining table. Dinner always lasted awhile as Parker made sure to chew everything forty times before swallowing. Between each bite, he took a long sip of water. Thus, by the time he was done, the sun had mostly gone down outside and he felt pleasantly full.

After doing the dishes and putting them away, he spent some time with his felines in the small living room. He tossed some yarn and a fake mouse until his pets decided enough was enough and went off to find something else to do like sleep.

As he knew what was coming, his heart beat faster as he cleaned the room to make sure that all cat hair was gone. Once the main part of the house was cleaned, he turned off the lights and walked back into his bedroom and into the adjoining bath. He took care of his night time routine. He brushed his teeth, focused on brushing each tooth for thirty seconds before moving on to the next, flossed, and rinsed. Then he used the toilet, washed his hands, and took a few seconds to try and calm himself down.

It felt like forever and yet it had only been a couple months since he’d done this. He could do it. Nobody would ever know. Nobody would ever find out. His secret was safe. With those words ringing in his ears, he pulled a bottle of lube from the medicine cabinet and walked over to a small door beside the toilet that looked like a linen closet. Only it wasn’t. Parker unlocked it and after opening the door, clicked the light switch just inside.


*holds hand to ear. Hears Melody growl in annoyance at the tease. Smiles. Job done.*

And now on for more WipItUp Snippets:

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