Murder was out of the question #WipItUp #MMRomance #PNR

WIPsideimageHappy WipItUp day! In honor of it, I’ve got as snippet from a WIP I’ve just recently started…because I’m all mean like that 😀


Brandon supposed murder was out of the question, but he would definitely cause his elder brother an eternity of harm when he got home. The time away was supposed to help him with his stress. Losing his job in another of a long line of layoffs was taxing. Losing his apartment and his boyfriend because of it had been hell. So when Ryan said he would pay for a full month’s vacation in Scotland, a country Brandon had wanted to see since he was a child, he’d grabbed hold of the idea. He should have known there was a joke in there somewhere. “A relaxing vacation, my ass,” he grumbled under his breath as he helped the twentieth woman off the tour bus.

The last two women, Karina and Renee, were the two he would have preferred not to help. Of the thirty-one women on the tour with him, all were between forty-five and sixty years old and the majority were married. Except the last two who were also cougars with everything that entailed. He supposed he could have told them he was gay, but he was afraid the older ladies who doted on him might not take it so well, not to mention the fact he had the feeling K&R as he had come to think of them, would take it as a challenge.

“Why thank you, Brandon,” Karina purred as she grasped his hand to step off the bus. “Such a kind gentleman.”

“Oh, aye,” Renee said in a really bad imitation of a Scottish accent. “He is a wonderful man.” She batted her eyes on the last word and his stomach tried to rebel.

“Thank you, ladies,” he said as he finally got his hand out of Karina’s grasp. “Let’s go see the castle, shall we?”

Without another look at them, he jogged after the other ladies, not even daring to consider what might happen if those two cornered him in a dark corner. He couldn’t harm them, but he did wish for some cougar spray. Surely someone had created the stuff.

Of course, since he went so fast, he joined the rest of his entourage way too quickly. I am so going to pay you back for this, Ry. A relaxing journey through Scotland had been the way his brother had marketed the trip. Relaxation, castles, moors, and tons of whiskey and ale. It had definitely sold Brandon. He should have known to look for the fine print. After all, his brother was a lawyer.


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