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WIPsideimageHey, everyone. It’s another WIPItUp Wednesday! Yes, the weeks are flying by, aren’t they? How the hell did it get to be March 2nd?

If you haven’t heard, Finding His Home, the next book in my Men of Falcon Pointe series, just came out. Yay! So, since it’s no longer a WIP, this will be the last week I’ll feature it on WipItUp.

In this snippet, Bastien is getting used to life in his new town.


By the time he arrived home on Friday, he was excited for the evening ahead. Avery had called him on Monday night to square away their plans. He also texted him every once in a while—just humorous things that happened during his day. The guy had a great sense of humor, and Bastien already liked him a lot. He just wished he was physically as attracted to him as he was to David.

Every moment he was around David, all his senses came alive. He had no idea what his other roommates smelled like, but he knew that David wore Obsession, and so far it was working. Bastien was beginning to feel obsessed. Mornings had become his favorite time of the day. On Monday, Wednesday, and again that morning, he had breakfast with David, and the time they spent while he drove him to school was wonderful. And much too short. Bastien hoped that school would soon become so intense he wouldn’t have time to think of tall, sexy, cute-as-hell David Longston, with his messy red hair and enticing blue eyes.

“I’m so screwed,” he grumbled as he walked into the house.

“In a good or a bad way?”

Startled at the question, Bastien looked over at Alan, who was cuddled up with the four puppies he’d brought home Sunday night. They had some spaniel in them and were totally cute. Bastien and his roommates all fell in love with the pups on sight. At least one of them wouldn’t be leaving.

“Hey. Didn’t expect you home.” Bastien closed the door behind him.

“I needed some time off. School getting to you already, honey?” Alan asked kindly.

“No. Life’s getting to me,” Bastien admitted.

Alan nodded. “Yeah. I get that.”

Bastien dropped his book bag off to the side and sat in front of the sofa Alan was on. He grabbed one of the puppies to play with. Not to be outdone, one of the other pups followed, crawled over his shoulder, and slid down his chest. “Hey, cutie.”

“So, want to hit Kilt tonight?” Alan asked.

Bastien looked over his shoulder and shook his head, unable to hide his grin. “I’ve got a date tonight.”

“No way. Who is it?”

“Remember the guy I danced with on Saturday?”

“The guy that got us inside without having to wait and who was gor-ge-ous? Yes. I remember,” Alan said in a teasing tone.

“His name’s Avery Michaels, and we saw each other on Monday, and he asked me out.”

“Way to go, Bastien. Good for you.”

“Thanks. I’m excited.” One of the puppies tried to crawl back up him and yipped as it fell to his lap. “Well, don’t try climbing the mountain,” he told it. But he grinned when it tried again. This time he helped the pup, and it soon joined the other two. “So, do you think we’re gonna be able to keep one of these little guys?”

Alan laughed. “We’ve all been missing Reginald, even if all he ever did was lay by the front door and act like a rug. The way Cory’s been loving on little Jack—that’s the one you’re holding—I’m thinking we’ll be keeping that little guy.”

“So you caught Cory’s eye, did you?” Bastien asked Jack, holding him up. Jack’s little liver-and-white spotted body wiggled, and his tail swung from side to side like mad.

“Yeah. Last night I was looking for him, and Trent told me to go check out his and Cory’s bedroom. I went in, and Cory was half-asleep on the bed with Jack curled up on his chest. But David seems taken with this little guy.” Alan held up one of the other pups. He was mostly white, with one liver-colored ear and one black foot. “He played with that one last night until the pup curled up on his lap and fell asleep.”

“You’ve known David for a while, right?” Bastien scratched little Jack and hoped his words would be taken as polite interest.

“Since I moved in.”

“I’m surprised he isn’t dating anyone.” David was such a catch that Bastien could imagine tons of men and women crawling all over him.

“Ah, honey. When he and Marley broke up last spring, it was a meant-to-be thing. I mean, they’d been engaged for years and never talked about the actual wedding. But it still hurt him, and he just hasn’t found anyone since that he’s wanted to date.” Alan grasped Bastien’s shoulder with his strong hand. “You give him time.”

Bastien was surprised, and heat flooded into his cheeks when Alan winked at him. “Don’t worry. I’m probably the only one who’s noticed. But yes. I know you like him.”

The heat spread from Bastien’s cheeks to his ears and quickly flooded down his neck. “Dang.”

“I knew Trent liked Cory early on as well. It’s a gift. Or a curse. I guess it depends on how you look at it.” The dry tone in Alan’s voice made Bastien smile.

“I don’t want to screw up a good living arrangement just because I have a crush on a roommate.”


Book Cover: Finding His Home
Available at:

Finding His Home


Sebastien Cather moves to Falcon Pointe with a dream to live life his way. Offered a room at 959 Brenton Street, he discovers how liberating it can feel to live among accepting people, especially in a household where they practice loving physical discipline. And he quickly gains a boyfriend in Avery, a fellow student. Unfortunately Avery isn’t his first choice. His roommate David is fascinating and good-looking, and Bastien would do anything to have him—but he doesn’t think the attraction is returned.

Tensions rise as his roommates’ wedding is threatened and his present and past lives clash. Outed by the national media, Bastien knows he will never be able to return home again. Just as he’s sure he can’t handle any more stress, David shows his interest. Bastien slowly makes his way forward, trying to find firm footing in the minefield that is his life. But when his landlord makes an announcement about the future of the house, it may change all of his dreams.

Hope you enjoy Bastien’s story!


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