A wealth of noms de plume

No secret to those who know me, but I have several noms de plume. It is my belief that when two genres intersect that shouldn’t, a new name is most definitely in order. For instance, writing young adult fiction and erotic literature are two genres that should NEVER be under the same name. Just as sweet Christian Romance and erotic lit should not go hand in hand under the same name. To subject one’s fans to stuff that is completely unlike what they are used to is asking them to turn away.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to keep my names as separate as I would wish due to a couple individuals who saw fit to either ‘out’ me or try and blackmail me with the information. Those actions left me feeling powerless and as though I should just quit writing altogether. This has kept power over me too long.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m taking my power back.

I am not ashamed of anything I have written. I am a multi-faceted person who reads a wealth of different works and tends to write in even more genres. I am NOT a one-trick pony. So as to not allow anyone the chance at that kind of power over me again, I am going to tell you all of who I am.

Thianna D. Author of Romance with a hint of spice. I started out under this pseudonym writing M/M and M/F erotic romance but over time realized that crossing M/M and M/F tended to confuse readers.

So, I extended the name to Thianna Durston and separated my M/M works under that name.

Cynthia Kimball – this is my oldest writing name. Under it, I have sci-fi/fantasy, paranormal, young adult, and non-fiction works. Everything put out through that name is clean.

Bree Cariad – I also love sweet romance with a spiritual side. Thus, I created Bree for sweet romances with an inspirational flavor. The works currently under that name are domestic discipline based, though the next books out will not be.

Raya Ezelle – This name is for one thing – taboo erotica. Yes, I have a pseudonym for works that I don’t read as a rule as it’s not something I get off on. However I decided to push my limits by trying to see if I could write about acts that otherwise leave me squeamish. This nom de plume is one I don’t keep up with much and don’t know how much longer I will publish under it. But it was a nice exercise in pushing my own writing skills.

I am also –

  • a submissive
  • highly intelligent
  • quiet
  • a Cancer
  • eater of Lay’s BBQ Stacks potato chips
  • an energy sponge
  • an exercise addict
  • a book audiophile
  • a metaphysical worker
  • a Reiki Master/Trainer
  • an angel communicator
  • sight challenged
  • my sole support
  • an abuse survivor
  • …and a plethora of things you could never imagine

I’m me. I love me.

Welcome to my life.

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