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WIPsideimageHappy Wednesday! It’s time to Wip It Up.

This week, I’ve got another snippet from my upcoming book Finding His Home, the next novel in the Men of Falcon Pointe series which comes out February 26th. This begins where last week‘s left off.

“Uh, hi. Is Trent home?”


The man at the door yawned again. “He should be home soon. Come in.” He stood back and Bastien stepped into the house. The foyer was wide open, painted in a soft taupe over some sort of wall treatment. To their left was an open living room with large leather furniture. “Have a seat,” he said, waving toward one of the chairs. “My name’s Alan. I’m one of his roommates.”

“Hi. I’m Sebastien.”

“Know Trent from school?” Alan sat down on one of the sofas and leaned back languidly. His short shorts rode up a little bit, exposing a tiny bit of his pubic hair.

Sitting down quickly to hide his groin’s reaction to it, Bastien shook his head. “Nah. Knew him in Finland.” And not all that well, actually. Bastien and his first mission companion lived in the same apartment as Trent and his final mission companion. Except for morning and evening prayer, they saw one another only about once a week. Looking him up appeared stupider and stupider the more he thought about it.

Alan made a sound that could have been a cough or a choke, sat up, and leaned forward to rest his elbows on his knees. “You one of the Mormon people?”

“Uh. Yeah.” In theory, anyway.

“Hmm,” he said, scratching at his chin. “He hasn’t been with you people for a few years.” His words had what Bastien took to be a protective tone, and he wondered what Trent went through when he came out.

“Yeah. I know. It’s just I…. Well, it’s kind of…. Geez, it’s like….” Groaning, Bastien rubbed his eyes frantically with the palms of his hands. That always happened when he got flustered. He lost the ability to make sense. “I transferred to Falcon Pointe and figured, since he lived here, I’d look him up.” And it looked like that idea might backfire on him. “I’m sorry to bother you. I’ll just go.” He stood up and turned to leave as quickly as he could, before he made an even bigger fool of himself.

Before he reached it, the door opened and Trent Farnsworth walked in, though he looked different from the last time Bastien saw him. His hair was longer and he had scruff on his chin, but the largest difference was the joy radiating off him. The man facing him was happy. He wore jeans and a T-shirt and had a book bag thrown over one shoulder. When he spotted Bastien, a small smile started across his face. Bastien could see the moment Trent recognized him. He froze, and his eyes widened as the smile turned to a frown. “Elder?” he asked cautiously.

“Hey.” Bastien fidgeted from side to side while he tried to figure out whether to just dart around Trent or try to make small talk.

“Wow. Long time,” Trent said cautiously, leaving the door open. “What brings you here?”

“Uh, well, I’m transferring to Falcon Pointe and knew you lived here, so I thought I’d look you up.”

“Okay,” Trent said slowly and shot a glance to Alan. “Look. I don’t know if you’ve heard or not, but I—”

“Came out of the closet and got excommunicated from the church,” Bastien spat out. “I know. You’re the only guy I know who had the guts to do it.”

Trent’s eyes narrowed and confusion masked his features. “I didn’t get ex’d. I left the church voluntarily.”

Well, that was news. “Really?” Bastien couldn’t keep the hope from his voice. “I didn’t think we could do that.”

For a moment they just stared at one another, and then Trent’s gaze softened. “You’re gay?”

Bastien gulped and nodded. “Yeah.”

A slow smile crossed Trent’s face. “Where are you living?”

“Don’t know yet. Just got here today. Have a week before school starts to find a place.”

“Well,” Trent said slowly. “There are five of us, and you’d have to get the approval of us all first, but we do have an open room here. If you’re interested,” he added.


Book Cover: Finding His Home
Available at:

Finding His Home


Sebastien Cather moves to Falcon Pointe with a dream to live life his way. Offered a room at 959 Brenton Street, he discovers how liberating it can feel to live among accepting people, especially in a household where they practice loving physical discipline. And he quickly gains a boyfriend in Avery, a fellow student. Unfortunately Avery isn’t his first choice. His roommate David is fascinating and good-looking, and Bastien would do anything to have him—but he doesn’t think the attraction is returned.

Tensions rise as his roommates’ wedding is threatened and his present and past lives clash. Outed by the national media, Bastien knows he will never be able to return home again. Just as he’s sure he can’t handle any more stress, David shows his interest. Bastien slowly makes his way forward, trying to find firm footing in the minefield that is his life. But when his landlord makes an announcement about the future of the house, it may change all of his dreams.

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