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Six of the Best-450 And it’s another Six of the Best Sunday!

How’s your Valentine’s Day treating you? Or are you celebrating Lupercalia? I think that would be a funner holiday.

I went back and forth on what to give you this Valentine’s Sunday. I mean, in honor of the holiday, I should give you something really schmaltzy or do the opposite with an anti-V-day excerpt. Tough Decision. And since I can’t help myself, I’ve decided to give you 6 paragraphs of mortification from a Valentine’s novelette I wrote but have not published yet.

This is from A Little Gin and Tonic. Gingham and Ton are at a coffee shop and are trying to get to know one another. It’s from Gingham’s POV. Open mouth, insert foot.


Ton shrugged. “This town looked nice.” His eyes flashed up and met Gingham’s for a long moment. “You look nice.”

Oh, please let this not be a dream. “I sleep with my two pugs,” he blurted out. The non-sequitur sat between them like a really bad smell. The realization of what he said hit him and Gingham tried to figure some way around it. There was nothing. Once again, he had managed to spout out the stupidest shit possible. No wonder he was still single. Good-bye bachelor #19.

A light chuckle turned into a bit of a giggle across from him and Gingham glanced up. Ton looked as though he was trying not to laugh but couldn’t help himself. Mortified, Gingham quickly drank the last of his coffee, dumping an enormous amount of caffeine into his body all at once.

Rinna glanced over once or twice nervously, especially as Ton’s giggle got louder. His cheeks turned a ruddy pink before he managed to get his laughter under control. “I’m sorry,” he squeaked, his body still shaking with his giggles. “That was the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. You’re as bad at flirting as I am.” He burst into more giggles, losing the ability to speak.

Gingham was mortified. Not only had he managed to say the stupidest thing ever, but Ton was laughing at him. At. Him. And what was with the “You’re as bad at flirting as I am.” How the hell had he figured “I sleep with my two pugs” was a come on? Gingham didn’t think he wanted to know.

There was no easy way out of this. He never should have agreed to coffee. Gingham should have known better than to try. Embarrassed, he stood up. “I don’t know what’s so funny.”


Happy Valentine’s Day! Merry Lupercalia! Or whatever holiday you do or do not celebrate.

Now where’s that chocolate…?

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Gingham “Gin” Riley is lonely but has no idea how to meet guys. So when one lands practically in his lap, he’s excited and nervous about finding where this may lead. Ton “Tonic” Icasian is looking for a relationship, not just quick sex, and is instantly attracted to Gin.

Take one cold winter, add in ice dancing on a frozen pond, equal parts Gin and Tonic with a piece of lime cheesecake to top it off and you have A Little Gin & Tonic, a sweet, humorous, contemporary romance.

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