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OTK Sat Spanks-dusty roseAnd it’s another fine Spanking Saturday. Howdy Spankos!

I’ve got another snippet from Finding His Home, which will be out on Friday. Yay!

Bastien is under a major amount of stress and has just unloaded a huge amount onto Cory. I have added their names in brackets as you won’t have the sentences before and after to tell you who is speaking when. {Cory] or [Bastien]


“I’m sorry to hear you’re going through some heavy stress, Bastien. It’s not fun. But there is a possibility of something that might help clear the complexity you’re dealing with right now. For certain types of people, they can truly work themselves into a fit over decisions, situations, or even just letting the little things build into big things. Trent, Alan, David, and Greg are a few that meet that model. I have the feeling you are as well.” {Cory]

“But what can we do about it except just hold on?” [Bastien]

“A good paddling might bring forth some clarity.” {Cory]


Book Cover: Finding His Home
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Finding His Home


Sebastien Cather moves to Falcon Pointe with a dream to live life his way. Offered a room at 959 Brenton Street, he discovers how liberating it can feel to live among accepting people, especially in a household where they practice loving physical discipline. And he quickly gains a boyfriend in Avery, a fellow student. Unfortunately Avery isn’t his first choice. His roommate David is fascinating and good-looking, and Bastien would do anything to have him—but he doesn’t think the attraction is returned.

Tensions rise as his roommates’ wedding is threatened and his present and past lives clash. Outed by the national media, Bastien knows he will never be able to return home again. Just as he’s sure he can’t handle any more stress, David shows his interest. Bastien slowly makes his way forward, trying to find firm footing in the minefield that is his life. But when his landlord makes an announcement about the future of the house, it may change all of his dreams.

And now on with more spankings… who has the paddle?

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