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My Sexy Saturday Page Header 3Hey! It’s another My Sexy Saturday 🙂 I probably “should” give you a snippet from Finding His Home since it’s out on Friday, but I’ve put it on every other bloghop today – see SatSpanks and SedStuds. Besides, the theme is My Sexy Mystery. So instead I’m giving you a 7 paragraph snippet from my upcoming Action/Suspense Romance book Vespar.

Vespar’s having a bad day. A bad life truly, but definitely a bad day. All he had was one job – get in, kill his mark, collect his dough. Instead, he ended up on a date with him. Marcolm has just left to go to a study group. Lisbeth is the waitress.

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“Want that in a box?” Lisbeth’s grating voice brought him out of a stupor and Vespar turned a cold gaze on her.

“What?” he snapped.

She pointed at the last slice of pizza. “Want it in a box?”

“No.” He grabbed the change she had dumped on the table, tossed a five as the tip, and quickly left. Fury and anger whirled around him as he ran to his car and looked up Victory Bar. Only eight minutes away. “Thank fuck.”

When he walked inside the bar fifteen minutes later, he had one thing on his mind. Get drunk and forget about Marcolm Rogers. After giving a quick glance at their cocktail menu, he ordered. “Noon on the Rocks.” A mixture of gin, absinthe, and lemonade sounded just about right.

Even though it had been years since he had drunk anything stronger than beer, he should have remembered that the last thing he should do when trying to fight back emotions was drink something with a high alcohol content. Instead of numbing the emotions, it strengthened them. At his third drink as he sat at a corner table, Vespar shuddered as the feelings he felt earlier when he touched Marcolm rocked through him. Yes, he was right. Some of it was intense desire. While he wanted to say it was because he hadn’t gotten laid in some time, he knew that was only part of it.

There was something about Marcolm Rogers that brought out strange feelings within him. Physical desire was just one of them. But the one that scared the fuck out of him was the other emotion he felt. It wasn’t strong, but it was there, intermingled with a huge mess of feelings he refused to think about. Leave it to me, Vespar mused as he emptied the glass with a huge gulp and then lay his forehead on the table. He was probably the only hit man alive who wanted to protect his own mark.


Book Cover: Vespar
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Special ops turned professional killer, Vespar McKauley is hired to take out Marcolm Rogers, son of his employer’s worst enemy. But Marc isn’t like any hit he’s ever done. He’s just twenty-one, he goes to a private university studying English Lit, and for fun he plays computer games with his friends. No drugs, no partying, no crime. The day he bumps into Marc and looks into his azure eyes, the world drops out from under him.

With his father in the Chicago Crime Syndicate, Marc and his mom have stayed out of the limelight, hiding from those that might harm them. He figures he’s safe at a small liberal arts university all the way across the country. Only midway through his senior year, he feels eyes on him and the shadows encroaching. Just as he’s about to run, he meets Vespar and experiences an instant attraction. When Vespar tells him he’s in danger and offers to protect him, Marc wants to believe him. But he’s been hunted before, and this time he isn’t sure he’ll get away. Especially when he finds out he is Vespar’s target.

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