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WIPsideimageHappy Wednesday! It’s time to Wip It Up.

This week, I’m excited to start giving you snippets from my upcoming book Finding His Home, the next novel in the Men of Falcon Pointe series which comes out February 26th. If you read the first book 959 Brenton Street, you have a pretty good indication of what the series is about. M/M Romance with May/December & Domestic Discipline themes. In each of the novels, a man comes to Falcon Pointe to find himself and finds more than he ever expected: strength, acceptance, and love.

This is from the very beginning of the book. Meet Bastien.


“Hey, Trent. Long time no see. Don’t suppose you have a room for rent?” Bastien grimaced as the words tripped across his tongue. “Elder! Hei! Hei! Just about to start school, and the dorms suck. Rumor says you’re gay and might have a room for let?” Groaning, he gripped the handle of his shoulder bag as he pulled the other two suitcases behind him.

Never in his life would he have considered moving to Falcon Pointe, Washington. He liked the sun and the heat. Growing up in Mesa, Arizona did that to a person. But when he found out one of the men he knew on his mission had come out as gay and lived happily in Washington State with several other gay men, Bastien changed his plans. All of them.

At home for a year, he attended a local community college to get in the required general education courses most universities required while working full time in construction. Applying to Falcon Pointe was a no-brainer. But he always planned on contacting Trent Farnsworth to find a good place to live. Doubt and worry plagued him so much, he hadn’t done it. Just how was he supposed to contact Trent and say, “Hey, I’m gay too”? Not only was that a phrase he still struggled to admit out loud, but he was afraid his mail would get intercepted and his family would find out. Dear God. That would be destructive. His two older brothers were violently antigay, and his parents made no secret about the fact they thought gays were the newest plague.

Reaching the hold area on campus, Bastien stored his suitcases in two lockers. He had a week before school started, so if things didn’t work out with Trent, he was sure he could find other accommodations. But living with someone who had gone through what Bastien was about to do was the preferable option. He admitted to himself he was a bit of a scaredy-cat for not outing himself when he first realized—at age fourteen—that he liked guys. But with his religion telling him he was bad because of it and so many members talking about severe ways to get the gay out, he felt it best to cover up his sexuality.

And he’d done that really well. Too well, apparently, given his high school girlfriend waited for him the entire two years he was in Finland serving their church, and expected them to pick up right where they left off. In fact, both of their families expected him to propose. The worst thing was he probably would have if he hadn’t found out about Trent. The guy who told him—his first mission companion—no doubt expected him to be as disgusted as he was. Instead Bastien felt hope for the first time since he was fourteen.

“And now I get to go find the man and hope he doesn’t walk away.” Since he got off the plane that morning, Bastien had tried to figure out what to say. Nothing sounded right. When he held the conversations in his head, the words always came out sounding cheesy. Plus he always figured Farnsworth thought he was odd. Well, every companion he’d had thought he was odd. “No talking yourself out of this,” he hissed to himself, pulling out his phone and doing a quick map check to find his route to 959 Brenton Street.

The house was about three miles from campus, which would take him an hour to walk, but that was fine. While he would have preferred to take his suitcases with him so he wouldn’t have to come back for them, he couldn’t imagine the expression on Trent’s face if he showed up with bags in tow.

The buildings around campus were mostly student related—meaning fast food—but the farther he walked, the more businesses turned into houses on tree-lined streets. The air felt cold to him, as it had been one hundred twenty degrees in Phoenix the day before, but he also enjoyed the walk. As much as he loved the vistas of Arizona, Finland taught him to love trees. And Washington State definitely had an abundance of those.

Trent’s house was large, set back from the street, and two stories. The street was quiet except for a few kids who laughed and giggled as they played on their lawn. Bastien glanced around and didn’t see any cars. He felt a pang of unease. Why hadn’t he thought about the fact it was a Monday? Trent was probably working. Dang it. Hoping he wouldn’t have to get a hotel for the night—an expense he had hoped not to have—he walked up the flower-lined walkway and a few steps to a covered front porch. There were a couple of benches and it looked newly painted.

He took a deep breath and knocked. There was no answer, and he couldn’t hear anything, so he pushed the doorbell. When he didn’t hear anyone walking to the door, he groaned and turned toward the street. It would be another hour back to campus and then to find a hotel. Idiot. You should have contacted him. Wouldn’t it have been easier to do it via mail? Rejection was so much easier that way.

The door opened behind him, and he swung around and spotted a man with shaggy brown hair, brown eyes, and a few days’ growth of stubble on his chin. He also looked as though he had just woken up. “Hello?” he yawned with a lazy smile.

“Uh, hi. Is Trent home?”


Book Cover: Finding His Home
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Finding His Home


Sebastien Cather moves to Falcon Pointe with a dream to live life his way. Offered a room at 959 Brenton Street, he discovers how liberating it can feel to live among accepting people, especially in a household where they practice loving physical discipline. And he quickly gains a boyfriend in Avery, a fellow student. Unfortunately Avery isn’t his first choice. His roommate David is fascinating and good-looking, and Bastien would do anything to have him—but he doesn’t think the attraction is returned.

Tensions rise as his roommates’ wedding is threatened and his present and past lives clash. Outed by the national media, Bastien knows he will never be able to return home again. Just as he’s sure he can’t handle any more stress, David shows his interest. Bastien slowly makes his way forward, trying to find firm footing in the minefield that is his life. But when his landlord makes an announcement about the future of the house, it may change all of his dreams.

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