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WIPimage12Woo hoo! It’s Wednesday, so you know what that’s all about, right? Time to whip out some WIPs. No, sorry, not whips. WIPs… though, those WIPs might include whips. Never know 😉

This snippet is from a new adult WIP which as usual, is untitled. It is Jerod and Rey’s senior year at college. In this scene, Jerod’s mother insisted on coming all the way from the eastern shore to check out his new apartment.


“This is where you’re staying?”

Jerod didn’t even wince at the condescending tone. He knew his mother wouldn’t like his apartment. He told her she wouldn’t like it. But she had insisted on coming to see his new place anyway. Considering the fact that not once had she been interested in checking out Central Washington University for his entire first three years, it was odd.

“Yes, Mother. This is where Rey and I are staying.” It wasn’t a bad place, as rentals went in Ellensburg. However, it was a far cry from what Callista Hoverly was used to. He wasn’t sure she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth as he had never met his grandparents, but she was certainly used to the million-dollar living his father had helped her become accustomed to.

“We can certainly do better than this.” She grimaced and reached out, lightly tapping the blinds on a small window in the living room, coughing when a little dirt poofed into the air. “We’ll find you something else.”

“No, Mother,” he said, having said this before, but needed to say it again. “Rey can’t afford that kind of place. We’ll be fine here.” Here was a dingy corner apartment three blocks from school. It had two small bedrooms, a miniscule three quarter bath, and a kitchen so tiny he wouldn’t have to walk anywhere and he could touch the sink, stove, and fridge all from the same spot. But it was home for the next nine months.

“Jerod,” she said, her tone becoming the one that any moment would start lecturing him on appearances. He quickly cut her off.

“Mother. This is where I’m staying. I told you you wouldn’t like it. Now come on. Your flight leaves in four hours. You really should get back to Seattle.”

She waves her hand. “It will wait for me.”

That was true enough. It was a private jet, which he would never tell anyone about except for Rey. Rey knew how much that kind of thing bugged Jerod. He just wanted to be a regular guy, not the guy who was winged into town on a private jet.

He glanced toward his bedroom where four suitcases and ten boxes sat. Jerod wished he could make the excuse of unpacking, but the fact was that he needed furniture to unpack in. But that was something he and Rey were doing together. There was a second-hand shop not too far away and they hoped to find most of what they needed there. The mattresses were the only things they would buy new.

“When does your furniture arrive?”

His shoulders slumped. She wasn’t going to leave and he so wanted to get her on her way before his roommate arrived. The one thing he did not want was for the two to meet. She’d hate him. Jerod had no doubt. Callista would not say a thing to Rey. No, she would keep that fake smile on her face and then the moment Rey’s back was turned, vilify him. And not because of his race, but because he was gay. Jerod’s parents thought homosexuality was the plague of their time. And his roommate refused to cover who he was, an effeminate gay man. Not that Jerod would have wanted him to.

Jerod thought it was one of Rey’s finest attributes, to be himself and damn the consequences. I wish I could do that.


About this WIP:

Rey is a college senior majoring in Psychology. He’s out, proud, and very effeminate. He and his friend Jerod have roomed together since freshman year. Jerod is the only straight guy he knows who doesn’t seem to have a problem with hanging out with a gay guy. This final year of school he is intent on finding a boyfriend who may one day become more.

Jerod is double majoring in Public Policy and Craft Brewing. His parents are snobby and except for when he’s at school, he is expected to meet certain criteria. Both of them insist he go somewhere in the political world. Rey is the only person who likes him for who he actually is: a geeky artist who would rather spend his time drinking and sculpting than studying economic policy. Except for a couple girls he tried to date, dating and sex just aren’t important to him. The problem is that he’s only ever loved one person, but he’s never been in love.

In their senior year, they go up against mean mothers, tempestuous ex girl and boy friends, and the worst threat of all: being separated after graduation.


Now, off you go to check out more WIPs. Who knows? You may even find some whips 😀

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