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Six of the Best-450 Hey, Six of the Best bloghop! I keep forgetting but… I remembered this week 🙂

I have two books coming out in February. Finding His Home is a May/December, DD M/M romance – part of the Men of Falcon Pointe series – that will be out Feb 26th and I will give some more snippets of that a little later. This week and next, I’ll give you a couple snippets from Knowing What She Needs, a Corbin’s Bend spanking romance that will be available Feb 6th.

In this scene, Char is fighting a breakdown. It’s Valentine’s Day, the day she, her fiance and their little girl should be spending together, but are they? No. He’s at the community center taking care of the residents of Corbin’s Bend. She’s a bit put out and has just spent several minutes of corner time growling to herself.


“Damn, he’s so wonderful. Why am I taking out my annoyance on him?”

She wished it was June and this wedding was past them. Or that she would get up the gumption to talk him into running to Reno anyway. But she couldn’t do that. So many people in Corbin’s Bend plus his amazing family were looking forward to the occasion.

It was an event. Ugh. Seven bridesmaids. Who the hell needed seven bridesmaids? She didn’t, and yet she had them. Add in the groomsmen, Kayla as their flower girl, one of Brent’s nephews as the ring bearer, and a crowd of over two hundred people watching them… A low groan left her throat. She didn’t want this. She really didn’t want this. And to top it all off was the dress.

Bonking her head on the wall ahead of her, she whimpered. The dress was luscious ivory silk and clung to her perfectly with a four-foot train running behind. It made her look like a Grecian goddess and she hated it. Before the whole wedding thing had happened, she had seen a pretty oriental-style dress in a window that she told Brent she loved. When he proposed and she accepted, she had intended to get that dress for their wedding trip.

Now she was stuck with the gorgeous dress, the huge guest list, and the over-the-top wedding reception at the community center. “I’m being such a bitch,” she muttered. “So many women would kill for this and I hate it. What’s wrong with me?” After all, in the end, she was getting the desired result. She would be Charmagne Carmichael at that point, Brent’s wife. And wasn’t that what was important?

By the way she kicked the wall, obviously not. Her timer went off and with a sense of urgency she turned it off and tossed it across the room. Kayla was singing something through the speaker and as Char paced back and forth in her bedroom, an idea came to her. If Brent wouldn’t come to her, then she sure as hell could come to him. And give him a piece of her mind.


And now on with more snippets…

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