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OTK Sat Spanks-dusty roseHappy Saturday, Spankos 🙂 Got your spankings in yet?

I thought I’d give you another taste of 959 Brenton Street this week as starting next week I’ll be giving snippets from Finding His Home, the next book in the Men of Falcon Pointe series.

Trent has just had his first spanking and is checking out the ‘damage’.


He didn’t even have to touch himself to feel the heat. “Wow.”

“It’ll be gone by tomorrow.”

“Seriously?” Trent thought he had to be kidding.

Cory flashed him a huge grin. “If I had used the paddle, the heat would be gone, but you would feel it in your muscles tomorrow. But I didn’t.”

Letting out a half laugh and appreciative that Cory hadn’t used the paddle, Trent grabbed his underwear.


Book Cover: 959 Brenton Street
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959 Brenton Street


Trent Farnsworth moves to Falcon Pointe to get as far away from his controlling family and religion as he can. While his conservative upbringing makes it hard for Trent to admit he’s gay, he accidentally outs himself in front of his four new roommates. None of the men living at 959 Brenton Street are what the world would consider normal, but all four accept him for who he is. He never expects to feel right at home in a loving discipline household. And when Trent falls for his much older landlord, Dr. Cory Venerin, he’s as surprised as anyone, but discovering Cory feels the same makes Trent realize he’s truly in the right place at the right time.

Until he tells his family he’s gay. His father uses any resource at his disposal to destroy him, including Trent’s love for Cory. As his father schemes to send Trent to a hospital whose sole purpose is to rip the gay out of him, Cory battles to save not only Trent—but also the possibility of a future together.

And now on with your spankings 🙂

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