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WIPsideimageIt’s time for more WipItUp! Yeah, I know you’re excited. Me too! It’s the last WipItUp post for 2015! Woot!

I thought I’d give you a snippet from a sci-fi/time-travel book I have in the works. Next week, I’ll have more fun snippets for you.


“Incoming,” said the computer voice. Dear Detre sounded even more bored than Victor felt. With a sigh, he reached out with his left index finger and clicked the print button. Now it would take perhaps fifteen minutes to print the minutiae of this time traveler’s adventures and he would hand it to the individual when they arrived.

“No data,” the computer voice said and he turned and glared at the screen.

“You said incoming. If someone is coming in, then they are coming back from a mission and there will be data.” Of course it could not hear nor understand him, but Victor enjoyed arguing with the thing anyway. It was the only interaction he ever got, actually. As if to make sure the computer understood him this time, he jabbed the print button hard. There, take that you stupid machine.

“No data.”

Grunting, he took his feet off the console and turned his chair so that he directly faced the screen. “Stupid fecking multi-million dollar piece of crap,” he said as he madly typed away on his keyboard. “You can send someone hundreds of years into the past and retrieve them, but you can’t pull up the data on their mission. Aren’t you just a worthless… piece… of….” His voice died off as he couldn’t even find an incoming traveler listed. Nobody was set to come back for at least three weeks. “What the feck?”

He hit the keys that would bring him up the manifest of travelers currently on assignment.

Traveler 052: 1852 New York. Status Green

Traveler 016: 1798 London. Status Yellow

Traveler 101: 1959 New Orleans. Status Green

On and on it went, through the one hundred and thirty-seven travelers they currently had out. Finally, he got to the last one. Traveler 149: 1901 Washington D.C.. Status Green

Groaning, he shook his head. “Everyone’s status is fine,” he said aloud. “Who can be incoming?”

“Incoming in fifteen,” the computer said.

“That helps.” Grumbling, Victor hit the button that would seal the airlock. Whenever a traveler returned, their ability to speak or act even remotely human was questionable. Sometimes it took several hours before they stopped raving and scraping at the walls. It was for his safety mostly, but also for theirs that they would remain in the padded area until they had calmed down.

“Incoming in ten… nine… eight… seven….” It continued its countdown, while he put the final locks in place. Once that was done, he turned on the camera that would record the traveler and waited. “Two… one….”

Victor waited for what came after one for the computer always gave the traveler’s designation and name. But that information never came. Instead a huge blast of light lit up the cell and someone landed on the floor with a thud. A rectangular object shot out of his hand as he landed and his head hit the floor hard. Eyes, the color of a summer sky, flashed in terror and then they closed.

This was highly irregular.


Now, off with you. It’s time to read more WIPs.

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