Not a clue #WipItUp #MM #YA

WIPsideimageHappy WipItUp Wednesday 🙂 How’s your week going?

This little work in progress is from a YA M/M book I’m working on. Think ultra intelligent geeks who battle their annoying adult handlers to solve crimes.


There was a dead body on the floor. No matter what anybody else said there was no way getting around it. We’d discussed it for close to twenty minutes now and so far, nobody had come to any conclusions. There were suppositions on how Inspector Poirot would have handled it, or how Holmes might have come to extraordinary conclusions. The most plausible explanation was that Miss Scarlet did it with the candlestick in the foyer. Said pewter candlestick sat a few inches from the body covered in blood, making it the most likely of our theories. But the bottom line was that we had a stiff on the floor of the foyer and it had bled all over our brand new rug.

For a group of geeks who spent their time reading mystery novels and designing video games in our spare time, it was kind of sad that we had no clue as to what to do. After all, who ever expected to find a dead body in the middle of their foyer?


Now off to read other wips… you know you want to.

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