A nice piece of fruitcake #WipItUp #scifi #humor #fruitcake

WIPsideimageIt’s time to wip it up!

I’m bouncing all over in the works in progress I’m giving you this month. Hope you’re enjoying the sneak peeks I’m giving you into the plethora of books I have in WIP format.

This is from a sci-fi book that’s in my WIP pile. Kyria’s job can get a bit dangerous, especially when someone did not do their job right.


“Have a nice piece of fruitcake!” Janelle shrieked, lobbing something large and, in Kyria’s eyes, heavy at her. As the projectile flew toward her, Kyria was able to calculate that the item coming toward her was very dense and weighed approximately ten pounds and if she didn’t move fast, it would hit her head and knock her out.

Turning on her heel, which was not easy in the outfit she had on, Kyria fled, running down the icy sidewalk and around the white-picket fence, making a beeline for her transport spot. She ran several Earth blocks before she was sure nobody was coming after her and slowed down. Taking a moment, she bent over, breathing harshly even as her muscles complained at the treatment she had been giving them. It wasn’t her fault. She went to the SMI workout space twice a day and worked out. Not once had she ever failed a fitness exam. There must be something about Earth’s gravity that was making her out of breath.

Plus, even though she had read about it, seeing her breath turn into vapor in thin air was a bit strange. It wasn’t the only thing. Looking down at her feet, she immediately frowned. Obviously someone had been joking when they wrote up their survey of Earth. Earthlings did not believe in a rotund elf who ‘ho ho ho’d and brought gifts except in December. She spent two weeks reading about this Kris Kringle character and had created an elf costume, her disguise allowing her to walk around the humanoids who lived here without too much notice.

Sure, they noticed her.

Who couldn’t notice a tall thin girl with a pointy green hat, short green tunic, long green shorts over white stockings with the quintessential pointy elf shoes to go with it? When she first put the outfit on, she had thought it was pretty cute and in the three days she had been on Earth, she had received some very interesting comments. But nobody saw her for what she was, an alien. They thought she was one of them in the ‘christmas spirit’ whatever that meant.

It was obvious whoever did the research on Earth did only half a job. Maybe after her assignment was over, she could ask Commander Virliy to allow her time to come survey the silly planet. While she was pretty sure they did not want to deal with this poisoned sphere again, it would still be good to have decent intelligence on it. How she hated a job done badly.

Growling softly under her breath, she winced as she stood up, tingles in her joints making her worry something in the air was harming her somehow. Her eyes widened as she realized she couldn’t feel her feet. What was happening? Jogging in place, she took off for her transport spot. She needed to get off this planet now, before she ended up dead in their street.


And now on with more works in progress.

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