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It’s another wonderful Seductive Studs bloghop. I had several books come out this fall. Discovery, Leland’s Final Gift, Delivered to Love, and 959 Brenton Street. The one I spent little time marketing on this bloghop is Delivered to Love, which I co-wrote with Jamie Ray as part of the Corbin’s Bend series. I thought I would introduce you to Phillip, the administrator for the brand new Corbin’s Bend Medical Center.


Fiddling through his shoulder bag, Phillip chuckled at what he found. “A chocolate bar. From who knows when,” he murmured, pulling it out and tossing it in the trash. He hadn’t used this bag since his last position, but now that the Corbin’s Bend Medical Clinic was open for business, he fully intended to put across the appearance of a man totally in charge. Not that it was difficult. It was a part of him that revved naturally, like a well-tuned engine. “Speaking of which,” he murmured, shoving his notes and folders into the bag and closing it. Reaching over, he grabbed his travel mug, already filled with coffee, and headed to his garage, where his fully restored 1968 Porsche 912 sat waiting for him. Beside it, in his two-car garage, was his boring car, the one he drove to conferences and important business meetings. But every once in a while, he just had to pull his baby out of the garage. And today was the day.

After hitting the button to open his garage door, he quickly got into the car, tossing his bag on the passenger seat even as he turned the key and revved the engine a little. Phillip supposed the car stuck out in this little community in the mountains above Denver, but considering everyone here stuck out from normal society, he wasn’t prepared to care. Getting the job as administrator of this new clinic had been a godsend after losing his last position due to small-minded people. Being gay was a unique classification that was too broad. Among other gay men, he appeared conservative with his three-piece suits, hair always kept neat and short, and his shined shoes. Among the gay-hating men, he was all sorts of things, among them names that made him grimace. Add in people who didn’t understand what it meant to be a spanko and desirous of a domestic discipline relationship, and the last few months before he moved to Colorado had been a living hell. “Closed minded idiots,” he grunted as he eased his car out of the garage.

Shaking off the clouded memory of his last job, he hit the button that shut down the garage door and smoothly pulled out onto Verison Drive. Having what was at most a thirty-minute commute, and that wouldn’t be until winter, was a wonderful thing. As he didn’t need to be in his office until nine, he moved slowly through the streets in town. The moment he hit the highway, he opened her up, quickly hitting sixty-five in seconds.

With it being autumn, the air had a delicious cool snap in it that made him grin as he tore down the highway, quickly passing the clinic. There wouldn’t be many more days like this where he could drive this car before he switched to his other—safer—vehicle. From what some of the locals said, snow was right around the corner. And he looked forward to it. Having the world covered in a blanket of white would make up for the fact the fall colors weren’t striking. Having lived in Vermont all his life, he was used to amazing colors in the fall.

Thirty minutes down the road, he slowed down and turned around, his slight melancholy that had hit him when he awoke having dissipated. Pushing his foot down on the gas, he quickly got back up to speed and headed to work. A smile crossed his lips at the thought of where he worked now. “Brent was a genius,” he murmured, thinking of the founder of the place. A whole community where spanking and domestic discipline were not only accepted but expected, had been a bit of a shock when he first heard about it. But now, having lived here for six weeks, Phillip wished he’d known about this place years ago.

Half of their staff lived in Corbin’s Bend and finding out his first week there that their nurse practitioner was gay and one of the doctors was queer and out about it, had made him completely relieved. That none of the housing board had even batted an eyelash about it had been wonderful. Coming from a town that when they found out he was gay and a spanko, they had turned on him so quickly he felt like he had whiplash, he still found himself surprised when someone made a comment that made it obvious they knew his sexual orientation and it didn’t bother them a whit.

“Morning, Phillip.”

Looking up as he walked through the front doors of the clinic, he nodded toward Telly, their front desk receptionist. “Morning.”

Taking the stairs, he made his way to his office, deep in the heart of the small dome. To keep the clinic looking similar to the town, even though it was fifteen minutes away, the hospital had several hallways that jutted off the center, which was a dome, similar to the community center. Phillip had thought it strange at first, but quickly came to enjoy his office having a curved wall.

“Morning, Kate,” he said walking into his assistant’s office.

“Morning, Mr. Scott. Good timing. Dr. Devon wanted a few minutes this morning.”

“What time?” he asked, picking up a stack of papers from his inbox on her desk.

“Sometime before ten.”

“Call his office and tell them 9:30 will work.” As she picked up the phone, he walked through into his office, dropping the paperwork on his desk and his bag on a side table before sitting down and powering up his computer. Putting his to-go mug to his lips, he took a long drink of coffee. Time to start his day.


UPDATE: (7/4/2018) This book is currently Out of Print – it has been rewritten and will be republished under Corbin’s Bend Pride in the future.

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