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Welcome to Day 31 of 31 days of holiday tales. Books you might not have heard of before that you might want to add to your book stash or to the stash of another bibliophile. Holiday romance just for you

For today, check out the following New Year’s Eve stories:

SleighRide_OldAquaintanceOld Acquaintance

Author: Avon Gale

Is the young, good-looking server Elias at the New Year’s Eve party the new beginning Andrew didn’t even know he needed?

Andrew Starling thought when he sold his medical database software to a national corporation, it would finally give him and his wife the financial security needed to build their dream home in the exclusive, wealthy community of Ponte Vedra, Florida. But Andrew’s wife leaves him for another man before the ink dries on the contract, leaving Andrew to enjoy the fruits of his labors—and their sprawling, oceanfront home—all alone. Despite being convinced he has nothing much to celebrate, Andrew goes to the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club’s annual New Year’s Eve party… and meets Elias Rivas, the young, good-looking server who’s always had his eye on Andrew. It might be the new beginning Andrew didn’t even know he needed.

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WatchBallDropWatching the Ball Drop

Authors: Shannon West, Destiny Blaine, Shawn Bailey, Diana Sheridan, Victoria Sue, and Shaye Evans

New Year’s Eve—a time to regret the past and hope for the future. In these six holiday stories, new loves begin, old loves rekindle and passion abounds, but a New Year’s romance isn’t always enough to last the rest of the year, let alone a lifetime. Or could it be?

I’ll Be Seeing You by Shawn Bailey – After being out of the country for the past nine years studying music and trying to forget the man that he loves, Jazz-pianist Dawson North returns to New York City to perform at the North-West hotel for a big New Year’s Eve party. What will happen when Jake West sees the object of his desire performing live on stage at his hotel?

Love Is In The Air by Destiny Blaine – A night out ringing in the New Year with her gal pal Lianna sounds like the perfect antidote for Maria’s broken heart. They’ll enjoy the festivities and she won’t think about vampires or turned mates or the Damian brothers and the drama that goes with them. Beck, Kevin, Chance, and Shane are hardcore vampires working a cattle ranch by day and doting on their mate by night. When they show up for the fireworks hoping to win Maria back, they discovers she has a demand of her own and they’ll oblige or they’ll soon find out what it’s like to spend eternity sleeping alone.

First Touch by Shaye Evans – The day before Josh leaves for America, Cai fears what the future holds for them. They’ve been together for three years and have known each other since they were fourteen. They’ve been through the highs and the lows, as best friends and eventually boyfriends, but is this low too much for them to handle? Or will Cai make a life changing decision?

New Year’s Blues by Diana Sheridan – Jason always felt cheated having a New Year’s birthday and, this year, turning 30—and being alone—looks to be the worst one yet. But when his best friend throws party to cheer Jason up, will he find someone to help him ring in the New Year?

One More Trick by Victoria Sue – On his own since being kicked out his home three years ago for being gay, Kym is looking to find a way to pay the past due rent at his crappy apartment when he finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. But when club owner Andrew saves him from being someone’s punching bag and takes him upstairs to his flat, will either be able to deny the attraction between them?

Days Gone By by Shannon West – Danny Day isn’t having a great holiday. The last person he expects to see walk in his hospital room after being the being the victim of a hit and run is Detective Nick Benson, the former love of his life. He hasn’t seen Nick since they quarreled bitterly over Danny’s leaving town. Back then things were said by both of them that were unforgiveable, or were they? The attraction between them is as strong as ever, but is it enough to overcome all the obstacles keeping them apart?

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