Holiday Tales for December 28th #holiday #book #giftidea

Welcome to Day 28 of 31 days of holiday tales. Books you might not have heard of before that you might want to add to your book stash or to the stash of another bibliophile. Holiday romance just for you

For today, check out the following:

XmasSlaveThe Christmas Slave

Author: Shannon West

The week before Christmas Michael’s boyfriend takes off to Florida, taking with him all of Michael’s money and his new boyfriend. Left with nothing but a lump of coal in his bank account, Michael is penniless and facing eviction when his ex, Logan, stops in for a visit with a proposition that Michael can’t refuse. Logan will give Michael the money he needs, but, in return, Michael will be his for a week.

Note: Previously published as part of the “Dear Santa…an Erotic Collection of Holiday Stories” anthology

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SleighRide_WhispersOldWindsWhisper of Old Winds

Author: George Seaton

When the sheriff, Sam, and his deputy attempt a mountainside rescue, will Sam’s perception of the world change?

After Sam returns home from two tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, he moves to the Colorado mountains, where he hopes to begin a new life with his husband, Michael. Sam becomes the sheriff of sparsely populated Pine County, while Michael opens a curio shop for tourists where he sells his art. When Sam and his deputy attempt to rescue a body from a dangerously fragile mountainside snowpack, Sam’s perception of the world, his husband, and the veracity of truths whispered in old winds, are called into question.

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Part of Dreamspinner Press’ 2015 Advent Calendar: Sleigh Ride Buy full collection at a discount from Dreamspinner.

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