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Welcome to Day 24 of 31 days of holiday tales. Books you might not have heard of before that you might want to add to your book stash or to the stash of another bibliophile. Holiday romance just for you

For today, check out the following:

SleighRide_SonSantaSon of Santa

Author: Kate Sands

Is it possible that Noel’s unrequited crush on ice-sprite Fannar may not be as one-sided as Noel originally believed?

Noel Nicholas is on a sabbatical from the North Pole realm. Back home he’s known as the Son of Santa, but in the human world, he’s a university student and he likes living in anonymity. Only Ruby, his cupid friend from the Eros realm, knows his true identity. That is, until Fannar, the gorgeous ice-sprite from the Pole, shows up unexpectedly. This causes Noel’s suppressed and unrequited crush on Fannar to return full force. However, there are more pressing matters at hand—Noel’s father has taken an extended vacation but cannot be found, and there’s only a month until Christmas.

As Noel is finishing his semester at school and he hasn’t seen his father in months, Mrs. Claus has tasked Fannar with finding Santa. Fannar keeps in touch with Noel but comes around far more often than necessary. It’s not helping Noel’s ability to hide his feelings… but as it turns out, they may not be as one-sided as Noel originally believed.

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winterprincess2_200His Winter Princess

Author: Adaline Raine

Audra Deveraux dresses up as a princess to entertain children and visit nursing homes during the cold wintry months. She never expected to bump into a man who requests her at a social gathering of his close friends but the amount of money for three hours of her time is more than she usually makes in a season! Despite her initial reservations, Audra finds herself accepting the offer from the very handsome stranger.

Clay Lawson is a self-made millionaire with lofty tastes to make up for his loneliness. He inherited a small, struggling winery after the tragic death of his young wife and turned it into a thriving business. He is captivated by Audra’s beauty and grace when he sees her serving residents at a local nursing home. He approaches her and offers her six-thousand dollars to serve his friends refreshments at their annual winter party.

He neglects to mention that he and his friends believe in an old-fashioned mindset when it comes to their relationships and it startles Audra right out of character.

Audra is both shocked and intrigued by the women at the party who are taken in hand and in male dominated households. It leaves her wondering if Clay believes in the same code. She accepts his explanation but is hesitant to ask the question burning in her mind.

Clay is open and willing to answer all of her questions, even the ones she can’t seem to ask, but can they embark on the path towards a relationship or will Audra give him the cold shoulder and be on her way?

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