Holiday Tales for December 2nd #holiday #book #giftidea

Welcome to Day 2 of 31 days of holiday tales. Books you might not have heard of before that you might want to add to your book stash or to the stash of another bookophile. Holiday romance just for you

For today, check out the following:

PhillipMysteryPhillip & the Mystery of the Toy Cars

Author: Kristy King

Philip has a problem. Somehow during the night, the toys he has put away before bed are getting scattered out again. His mom thinks he’s not picking them up at all and is getting mad. Somehow, he has to figure out what is going on before it lands him in really big trouble. He has to solve the mystery of the toy cars.

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The Beary Best Holiday Party Ever

Author: B.G. Thomas

Before he discovered the Heartland Bear Clan, Ron Corbin figured no one could ever love a “fatass” like him. But the big group of big men accepts him, and likes him just the way he is. Having finally found a place he belongs, he works hard to get elected president of the club—and wins. He’s the happiest he’s ever been.

But Paddy Brennan, a sexy bear cub who blew into town and became Mr. Popular overnight, is elected vice-president. Ron doesn’t think Paddy has earned the honor, and now he’ll have to work shoulder to shoulder (and belly to belly) with the guy for a year.

Ron will do what’s best for the club even if that means setting his personal feeling—that Paddy is a jerk—aside. But then as the two men get to know each other, Ron reluctantly finds he not only likes the guy, but is growing more and more attracted to him.

Deep down, Ron still worries he isn’t good enough, but maybe Paddy can show him there’s a beary happy ending waiting for them after all.

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