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WIPsideimageAre you ready to Wip It Up again? Good!

First, I want to thank Melody for creating this bloghop and keeping it going. And now that life has pulled her in another direction – which it loves to do – I’m greatful that Meredith O’Riley has picked it up and will be continuing it.

On Friday, my book 959 Brenton Street came out. YAY! The first book in my Men of Falcon Pointe series, I am exceptionally happy about this book and this series. Since this is the work in progress bloghop, this is my last post for it. Next week, I’ll start giving you snippets from other WIPs. (3 books other books in the Men of Falcon Pointe series have already been accepted by Dreamspinner and will be released over 2016)

In this snippet, Trent and Cory have finally become intimate but Trent has not come to terms that in some instances spanking turns him on.


Lying on his stomach, he hummed appreciatively as Cory lightly massaged his shoulders with warm hands. Trent loved those hands. Large, with long, nimble fingers and the ability to make all of his muscles relax with a single touch. Thinking about those wonderful appendages made him remember his first spanking. Almost instantly he grasped on to the blanket as a wash of need came over him. Once again the thought of being spanked coincided with physical desire. Humiliated, he dug his face into the pillow, and hoped Cory wouldn’t notice.

“What has you so tense?”

Of course, Cory would pick up on it. As if he could miss the fact that every muscle in Trent’s body had become hard as stone. Including the one between his legs. It was like going from DEFCON 5 to DEFCON 1 in two seconds flat. “Nothing,” he lied.

Cory pressed his warm body into him on the bed as air brushed over Trent’s ear. “Trent, was that a lie?” The tone was amused, and Trent couldn’t help smiling.

“Not exactly.”

The weight on top of him increased, making him moan as his cock dug into the coverlet. He wanted to lift up and thrust, but he couldn’t move. “So if it wasn’t exactly a lie, it wasn’t exactly the truth either.”

Huffing in annoyance, Trent pouted into the pillow. “I can’t get away with anything.”

“True. But then you don’t really want to either. Tell me what’s bothering you.” Cory pressed a kiss to the back of his neck, making him shiver.

“I think I’m a pervert,” he whispered, clenching his eyes shut. He might be face-first into a pillow, but he didn’t want any possibility of seeing Cory’s reaction.

“And what makes you think that? The fact you enjoyed rimming? Baby, anybody would. The amount of nerves around the anus makes it impossible not to. Especially,” he murmured and slid his tongue along the outer edge of Trent’s ear, making him groan in want, “if the guy tonguing your ass knows what he’s doing and enjoys it.”

Trembling, Trent let a low moan escape his throat. “I’ve got to admit that was the hottest gross thing ever.”

Cory chuckled, his body shaking on top of Trent. “You were clean. Nothing gross about it.”

“Uh-huh.” With the combined weight of his boyfriend and the conversation, Trent’s muscles slowly relaxed—until Cory pulled back, slid his hands along Trent’s back, and cupped his ass.

“You truly do have a gorgeous ass, baby. Especially when it’s bright pink.”

DEFCON 1, his brain screamed, even as his cock thrummed and his muscles tightened again. Cory paused his massage of Trent’s ass. “Ahh. Whatever you’re nervous about, it has to do with this.” He squeezed again, making Trent tremble.


I hope you’ll give Trent, Cory, and the Men of Falcon Pointe a try.

Book Cover: 959 Brenton Street
Available at:

959 Brenton Street


Trent Farnsworth moves to Falcon Pointe to get as far away from his controlling family and religion as he can. While his conservative upbringing makes it hard for Trent to admit he’s gay, he accidentally outs himself in front of his four new roommates. None of the men living at 959 Brenton Street are what the world would consider normal, but all four accept him for who he is. He never expects to feel right at home in a loving discipline household. And when Trent falls for his much older landlord, Dr. Cory Venerin, he’s as surprised as anyone, but discovering Cory feels the same makes Trent realize he’s truly in the right place at the right time.

Until he tells his family he’s gay. His father uses any resource at his disposal to destroy him, including Trent’s love for Cory. As his father schemes to send Trent to a hospital whose sole purpose is to rip the gay out of him, Cory battles to save not only Trent—but also the possibility of a future together.

And now for some more works in progress…. eat ’em up!

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