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Happy Saturday, Seductive Studs đŸ™‚

While usually I give you a snippet from one of my books, I decided to do something a little different this week. IT’s October now and the leaves are falling outside. Every morning has that wonderful crisp cool that means only one thing – Fall. One of the things I love to do, especially when the weather turns cold, is to listen to audiobooks. There are great and horrible ones, to be sure,  but when you get a great book and put it together with a fantastic narrator, you’ll never want to stop listening.

I thought I’d offer up some of my favorite M/M Romance audiobooks that are out where the stories are amazing and the narrators just make it even better.

All my links go to the books on because frankly, while you can purchase them on Amazon, if you become a member of Audible, they can be SO much cheaper.

First let me start off with the wonderful queen of horror and paranormal MM Romance: Jordan L. Hawk. Her books are absolutely fabulous to begin with and the narrators who do her books blow me away.

SPECTR – The First Season – narrated by Brad Langer. The first 6 books of SPECTR in one set, which I highly suggest. Really, once you get a taste of Caleb, John, and Gray, you won’t want to stop.

Or you can buy the books individually – Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Book 4, Book 5, Book 6 (But seriously, buy a membership at Audible if you’re into audiobooks. It’s a fantastic buy. and this way, you can get the full boxed set for 1 point :D)

Mocker of Ravens, Book 1 of Season Two is also now available.

Next up. her historical series Whyborne & Griffin, narrated by Julian G. Simmons. If you’re like me, even if you hate books that make you keep the light on to sleep, you’re going to love W&G!

Now we turn from Paranormal and horror to New Adult Romance. Have you read Heidi Cullinan’s Love Lesson’s series? If you haven’t, run, don’t dawdle. You’re going to fall in love with Walter Lucas. Especially as narrated by Iggy Toma.

I’m not usually interested in books where there’s too much sex as I love the story and the relationship and usually find too much sex takes away from it, but I have to tell you, Ella Frank’s Temptation series turned my head. Try, Take, and Trust I just LOVE. Especially as narrated by Shannon Gunn. He has a great voice.

Next up… Paranormal Suspense Romance. If you haven’t heard of THIRDS by Charlie Cochet, listen up because this is a series worth reading AND listening to because the narrator Mark Westfield didn’t just narrate the series, he added sound affects to make it even more real. Seriously, give it a try. You might cuss me when you do because once you start, you won’t want to stop.

Now, for the humor romance. Have you read Eli Easton? Her Sex in Seattle and Howl at the Moon books are fun. I’ll admit, I haven’t purchased the audio for book 3 of Sex in Seattle because it is a different narrator than the first two books, but I highly recommend the first two and the third book is fantastic in book form. As far as Howl at the Moon? Funny paranormal romance with a sheepdog shifter who doesn’t have time for love and a guy who keeps sticking his foot in his mouth. Seriously fun romance and I highly recommend it.

Last but not least, I want to mention two sweet romances that I listen to often. Feathers in the Sky by Posy Roberts, narrated by Paul Morey and A Simple Romance by J.H. Knight, narrated by Nick J. Russo. I LOVE these two books. There’s one accent in Feathers that rubs me the wrong way, but the story is wonderful. And A Simple Romance is just… sweet. You’re going to fall in love with these characters.

Well, those should keep you going for a couple weeks. I invite you to check them out. They truly are fantastic books read by amazing narrators.

Now, on with more Seductive Studs…

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