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Welcome to another wonderful Seductive Studs Saturday! Ready for some M/M Romance?

I have another snippet from Leland’s Final Gift which will be out on Tuesday. Woot! It’s on pre-order now.


“Sorry about this.” The words were quiet and Thane shook his head as he helped the man into his car.

“There’s nothing to be sorry for,” he insisted after closing the door and rushing around to get into the driver’s seat. “It isn’t like you planned on falling and getting a concussion.”

A strange laugh came from his right. “I’m not even sure what happened. I came out to get a box, picked it up, and I could swear someone kicked my legs out from under me. I must have backed into a box or something.”

The snow had increased since he’d been inside and Thane wasn’t able to go as fast as he would like with the muck he had to drive through. “Sorry I can’t go any faster,” he said as they drove along at ten miles an hour.

“What’s your last name?” The voice was slurred and as he took a glance to his right, he spotted the other man watching him through hooded eyes.

“Thane is my last name.”

“Oh. What’s your first?”

Sighing as that was a subject he would rather not talk about, Thane said, “Kinder.”

“Really? Kinder. It fits you.”

Shaking his head, he slowly stepped on the breaks, coming to a stop at a light. “Nobody calls me that. Not anymore.”


Book Cover: Leland's Final Gift
Available at:

Leland's Final Gift


Kinder Thane lost his life partner three years ago and ever since, has folded into himself. He doesn’t speak to friends and only sees his family once a year. Every year on the anniversary of Leland’s death, he spends his time with the ghost of his dead boyfriend.

When Jessie Riley moves in across the hall, it sends his entire existence into a flurry. Suddenly there’s life out there, happiness, the joy of the holidays, and it’s so shocking he almost doesn’t know what to do with it. It gets to be too much but before he can pull back inside and go back to the way he was, Leland has a final gift for him, one that changes everything.

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