Pillar in the Snow

Do you love Jonathon and Benjamin, two of the characters from the Corbin’s Bend series? They’ve been a constant fan favorite throughout.

The Corbin’s Bend short story Pillar in the Snow is out of print. HOWEVER, an expanded version that took Jonathon and Benjamin, gave them new names, and put them in Elan Isle will be available on August 16, 2018.

Book cover for an Elan Isle DD novel
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Always Protected


Kace & Falcon have been in a relationship for thirteen years. With Falcon in the military, they've spent more time apart than together. Since they live in off-base housing, Kace hides who he is. When he finds out about Elan Isle, he's excited. Especially when he finds out that not only will their domestic discipline lifestyle be accepted, but that he and Falcon are welcomed for who they are. They no longer have to hide.

Falcon has protected Kace since the night they met. Seeing his love become emboldened by their new town is electrifying. So much so that he decides to come home for good.

Kace knows having Falcon home all the time will be difficult, but he thinks it will be due to his partner missing his life in the military. He has no idea the difficulties will be his. Worries he’s never voiced pop up and desires he’s never considered become all important. While Falcon has more patience than anyone he knows, Kace fears that this desire might be the final straw.

If you're a Corbin's Bend Pride fan, you might remember the short story Pillar in the Snow. This is that short story, given full life as a novel with new characters and a different kink community.

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