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WIPsideimageHey, and welcome to another wonderful WipItUp Wednesday!

This is my last installment for Discovery. I thought you might like to ‘see’ Aaron’s transition into being full drakyl.


Slight movement out of the corner of his eye made him reach for his gun. Only to realize he hadn’t even thought to bring it. “Fuck.” Stalking toward him—or actually Blaze and Krage—was a huge cougar. Before he could sound an alarm that would have his horses running away quickly, Jaret came out of nowhere.

Faster than he could have imagined, the man tore around the herd heading straight for the cat. Moving as fluidly as the mountain lion did, he sped up, a growl leaving his mouth. Wait. A growl? Nothing that alarming could have come from him. Sure, he’d heard Jared growl in annoyance or to tease him. But the sound that just left his throat was menacing. Obviously the cat thought so to as it whipped around and let out a roar. It hunched down and Aaron felt completely useless at protecting his lover until the cougar suddenly flumped to the side. Blinking in confusion, he looked again even as his heart beat so fast in his ears, he couldn’t hear anything.

Strange sensations overtook him as Jaret looked up and nodded at him, as if this was all supposed to make sense. His fingers tingled and he flexed them over and over, his upper jaw throbbing painfully, the ache increasing exponentially as Jaret picked up the lion. A low rumble filled the air but Aaron wasn’t sure where it came from and he couldn’t look away from the man walking toward him.

“Inhale, Aaron,” Jaret said in a seductive tone. Unable not to obey, he did.

In an instant, everything changed. Over the sound of his own heartbeat, another drowned it out. The pumping of blood through a heart. The scent of fur and dust and most of all, the elixir filled his nose and his jaw tightened so much he felt it would crack. His whole body shook and his eyes dropped to the animal in Jaret’s hands. He…wanted it. He just wasn’t sure why.

When Jaret reached him, he jerked the animals head back with a snap, ending its life. Before Aaron could even piece together why that seemed wrong, the scent of the elixir filled his nostrils. Agony seared through his mouth as something tore through his gums. Logical thought was gone and he acted on pure instinct. Yanking the animal from Jaret’s arms, he sank his fangs into its throat. Warm, luscious elixir entered his mouth and he drank and drank and drank.


Drakyl Ranch Book One
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Living in Montana and working the ranch is all Aaron wants to do for the rest of his life. Diagnosed as allergic to the sun thirteen years previous, every day is a struggle to get out of bed. Having to wear long-sleeved shirts, gloves, and even material to cover his face from the effects of the sun, just makes it all worse. Now, in his thirty-second year, he is sure this will be his last summer. While he hates it, he knows he needs to come to terms with the truth and put things in order for his younger cousins. Before he does so, he heads out for one night of pleasure before facing what’s coming.

Jaret loves excitement and new adventures. For over five hundred years, he has sought them out. In Montana on a whim, he comes across someone he doesn’t expect, someone who makes him feel things he does not understand and does not want to give up. In no time at all, he feels like he cannot live without Aaron. The only problem is Aaron doesn’t know who he is, what he is, nor that he isn’t going to die. Not on Jaret’s watch. With a plan to help the other man discover who he is in place, he only has one thing to worry about: whether an ancient enemy will come and destroy everything he now holds dear.

Warning: This book is a paranormal m/m romance with some horror elements. It also crosses cowboy and vampire genres. If you don’t think cowboys look hot with fangs, you’re missing out.

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