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WIPsideimage Hey! It’s another wonderful WIPItUp Wednesday! I forgot to post last week, but I’m baaaaaaaaack! 😀 Miss me?

So, I have several wips. Hundreds, really, but about a dozen I’m working on right this moment. I have 1 book coming out Oct 20th, one Nov 11th, and one Nov 20th. I’m giving you a snippet from the book I’ve co-authored with Jamie Ray called Delivered to Love, part of Season Four of Corbin’s Bend. This snippet is when Phillip sees Danny for the firs time. Danny is in the hospital.


After he gave her the go-ahead to get it done the way she needed, he left her office. Brent and Jonathon were no longer around and unable not to, Phillip stopped at the room where this Danny now resided. He couldn’t help but be intrigued after the solidarity that had been shown for him. Opening the mostly closed door, he walked in and over to the bed. And froze.

Lying on the bed was an angel. With ash blond hair, plump lips, and a pale baby face, except for one bandage that covered his left cheek, his face was flawless. His body, hidden under the blanket might have been another story. The only part of it Phillip could see was Danny’s left arm which was in a cast from his hand all the way up to his shoulder. However, nothing could take his eyes away from the younger man’s face for long. It was like looking at a piece of art. Having seen the people who obviously adored him today, Phillip had come to the conclusion that he must be a good guy. He hadn’t expected to find that his looks exceeded expectation.


UPDATE: (7/4/2018) This book is currently Out of Print – it has been rewritten and will be republished under Corbin’s Bend Pride in the future.

And now on with some amazing snippets.

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