My Sexy Girlfriend #MySexySaturday @CorbinsBend #romance #spanking


Hey and welcome to another My Sexy Saturday. This week, the theme is My Sexy Girlfriend. Well, that covers a tremendous amount of ground. I’m giving you a snippet from Chemistry of Attraction, one of my Corbin’s Bend books. This is for all the sapiosexuals like me. *wink*


“I’m just here for the summer.”

“She just graduated with her master’s degree in chemistry,” Rose said with pride in her voice.

“Really? That’s great.” Brandon felt dumbstruck. He hadn’t thought Dina could get any better looking but smart women had always been a major turn on for him. A sapiosexual as long as he could remember, he wondered what else he could unravel about the woman in front of him.


Now for some more smexy snippets.

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