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Hey and welcome to another Six of the Best hop, where we post 6 paragraphs from one of our works. Thanks, Kathryn for putting this together 🙂

I honestly had no idea which book I would post from. Decided since the fourth season of Corbin’s Bend will be debuting soon, I’d start you off at the very beginning with the book that started it all. Finding Their Bliss. Char’s a little embarrassed and knows she needs to apologize for her remarks to Brent a few days previous. Of course, that brings back memories of everything she’d said.


She was in pain, though she had not told the doctor that, mortified by the morning’s events and pissed off at the gorgeous man to her left who was being far too nice, considering how she was reacting to him. So when they reached her house, she told him off.

Grimacing at the memory, she rubbed her eyes, as if by doing so she could forget that horrible moment.

He had just gotten out of the driver’s side of his truck when she slipped out of the passenger side, hitting the snow with a thump, but still managing to stay upright, and began her walk to the front door. “Whoa,” he said, grasping her arm. “You still aren’t well enough to—”

Wrenching her arm out of his grasp, she climbed the few steps up to her porch and turned around, glaring at him from a much higher vantage point. Here she could almost stare him straight in the eyes. “Look. I’m fine. I don’t know why you feel you need to treat me like an invalid or old lady but I assure you, I can wipe my own ass!”

His eyebrows rose and a small cough left his lips, a cough that she had the feeling was a cover for a laugh. “I’m sure you can,” he said dryly. “But you are in the middle of Nowhere, Colorado, Ms. Kendle. If you fell down, who would know? If your head began to hurt badly, how would you get help? I take pride in this community and do my best to help her residents. I—”

“Oh, good for you! If you remember, I’m not a member of your precious housing development. So, why don’t you just leave me alone? I do not want or need your help, Mr. Carmichael.” On her high from telling him off, she turned and walked up to the door… only to realize she had left her purse in his truck. He seemed to realize the problem, and by the time she turned to march down the stairs to retrieve it, he had gone to the cab and was back, holding it out to her. Neither of them said a word as she turned back to the door, unlocked it, and walked in, slamming it behind her.


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