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WIPsideimageHey! It’s another WipItUp Wednesday!

This week, I’m giving you one last snippet from A Good Family Man which comes out tomorrow. Next week, I’ll be teasing you with snippets from Discovery, which will be out Sept 1.


“Hey,” Josh managed to say, no other words coming to mind.

“Hey.” Jack reached for his hand and tugged him toward the restaurant. “I don’t know about you, but I’m starved. I even gave up my mom’s turtle soup to be here.” Something about the way he said it told Josh he had been more than happy to have a reason not to eat it.

“Oh, well, I’m sure she’ll save you some,” he said with what he knew was a cheeky grin.

Leaning in, Jack dropped his hand and wrapped an arm around him. “Damn, it’s nice to be with someone my height.” Warm air gusted over Josh’s ear as he spoke, sending tendrils of excitement up and down his back. “If I want to kiss you, all I need to do is this…” There was a slight pause making Josh turn his gaze toward him. He must have been asking for permission because without a further word, warm soft lips covered his own. The kiss was never deepened beyond platonic until the end, when teeth nipped at his lower lip. Moaning, Josh was glad Jack had turned toward him at that point. He leaned his head on the strong shoulder in front of him and wondered if this was how it started, just how amazing the rest of the night would be.


UPDATE: (7/4/2018) This book is currently Out of Print – it has been rewritten and will be republished under Corbin’s Bend Pride in the future.

And now on with more WIPs…

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