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WIPsideimageHey! It’s another WipItUp Wednesday!

This week, I’m giving you another snippet from A Good Family Man, a m/m DD romance from the Corbin’s Bend series which will be out on August 6th. I gave you a couple snippets introducing you to Jack and Josh a few weeks ago. Now, for the next few weeks, let’s see these two as a couple.


Two mornings later, he received an unexpected call. “Carmichael,” he barked into the phone, the same way he interacted when he was in the field: no-nonsense and definitely in control. A quiet gasp met his ears and he stood up from where he’d been bent over his bed looking at information on several companies in the Denver area he might consider working for.

“Hello?” he said.

“Uh, hi, Jack. It’s Josh.”

Surprised, he felt a few muscles tense in a way he hadn’t felt in quite some time. “Josh, how’s your new life up in spanko central?” Even as the words left his lips, he shook his head. That was the kind of thing he’d say to Brent, not one of the community’s residents. Obviously he needed to get back to work and use his brain as it was going to mush.

A nice laugh crossed the line. “Fine. I actually had to come down to Denver today to pick up something I’d forgotten and I find myself with a couple hours to kill. How do you feel about hitting the Denver Bouldering Club?”

“I’ve seen adverts about it but haven’t been there. It sounds fun. When and where shall I meet you?”

Thirty minutes later, he was dressed in shorts and a tank top and headed downtown. He hadn’t expected to hear from Josh at all, let alone two days after the man moved over an hour away. But he also didn’t believe in coincidence or things happening for no reason. It had been obvious the younger man was attracted to him the other day and by his physical reaction this morning, he had no doubt about his attraction. At dinner with Brent the other night, his brother had given him the smack he’d needed.

“You just need to take control again, Jack. Over the last few months, control was ripped from you in all aspects of your life. Even your choice to retire wasn’t really a choice, just the better of two evils. Take charge again, brother. Just like me, that’s where you’re at your best. Let everything else follow.”

Brent was right and Jack figured even if he didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life, he knew who he would like to see again, and who he wouldn’t mind taking to bed. It had been a few years since he’d been with a man, not counting dark rooms in even darker clubs. Maybe it was time to get back on that fucking horse.


UPDATE: (7/4/2018) This book is currently Out of Print – it has been rewritten and will be republished under Corbin’s Bend Pride in the future.

And now on with more WIPs…

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