Have a Red, White, and Blue Holiday

This story is actually several years old – I wrote it when I produced the Erotic Countdown – and I thought this was a perfect time to share.

Have a Happy Red, White, and Blue holiday!

Red, White, and Blue

© Copyright 2012 Thianna D.

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“Why are we doing this?” Cora moaned as her friend Stephanie dragged her upstairs into her bedroom. “I am not going to enjoy the outcome.”

Shaking her head, Stephanie partially ignored her whining. “Just think of the expression on Jake’s face when he finds you all bent over and ready for him with a paddle sitting right within reach.”

“You are a sadistic bitch. Go away.” The words were mean, but the tone was not. In fact, Cora was glad of her friend’s help. Her and Jake’s life lately had been topsy-turvy and they had not had any one-on-one time since January. Stephanie’s offer to watch their kids and take them to the Fourth of July parade and fireworks while Cora and Jake reconnected was incredibly sweet…especially as Stephanie was not overly fond of children.

For days they had discussed what to do. It was only when Cora let loose the fact she loved it when Jake used to spank her that Stephanie came up with what she called the “Red, White and Blue” plan.

Just the name worried Cora.

“Strip and put on that outfit you picked out,” Stephanie said, pulling the blanket off an old, brand-new spanking bench Cora had purchased on layaway several years ago but had been collecting dust in the attic as it had never been used. Before she had brought it home, she found out she was pregnant for the first time and once it went upstairs, she had kind of forgotten about it.

Until her discussion with Stephanie anyway.

In her closet, Cora stripped and opened the bag she had hidden behind her pairs of fat jeans knowing Jake would never look there. Inside was the outfit she had chosen…and she hoped Jake got as much enjoyment out of it as he used to when she would parade around mostly naked. The thing was Jake had a thing for the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. So, Cora had found a bra and panty set that looked similar and when she put them on and looked in the mirror, she managed to ignore the slightly poochy tummy due to the sparkling red, white, and blue outfit.

“Okay,” she said with forced joy as she walked back into the bedroom. “I’m ready.”

“Great!” Stephanie said, turning and grinning. Then letting out a wolf whistle. “Damn, girl. Jake’s gonna come in his pants.”

“He better not. I expect a little more out of him than that.”

It felt silly and a bit stupid to have her best friend help her get situated over the bench, hooking the restraints carefully. “I won’t leave until I can see Jake’s car coming down the street,” Stephanie assured her, “so you don’t have to worry about being stuck here if he’s a little late.”

“Oh, now wouldn’t that just be great,” Cora grunted from her position of halfway upside down. When she originally purchased the bench, she was thinner than a rail and had a fetish for old-fashioned benches. So here she was, bent over at the waist, with her ankles and wrists restrained to the legs and her bright white ass sticking straight up in the air. “Think this is a pretty blatant sign?” She giggled as Stephanie stepped back.

“Oh, I think he’ll get this one. If he misses it, you should have his eyes checked.” Something settled on Cora’s lower back. “Okay, you’re all set. I’m going to head out, but like I said, I won’t drive away until I’m sure Jake is home. Have fun!” Her footsteps swooshed across the deep carpet.

“Stephanie, what’s on my back?”

“It’s a surprise!”

Well, that was informative. Stephanie’s surprises were sometimes good and sometimes bad. Hopefully this one would be better than some of her others.

The wait was awful. Her nose kept itching and the only way to itch it was to turn her head and rub it against her arm. They had left the overhead fan on in the room and the air flowing around her naked derriere was becoming rather cool.

The sound of the front door opening made her breathe in relief.

“Cor?” Jake’s strong voice boomed through the house.

“Up here, honey!” And tied up!

“Just saw Stephanie leave. Did you two—“ His voice cut off at the same time she heard his shoes move from the wood of the hallway to the deep carpeting of their bedroom. “Cora?”

“Surprise!” Her voice squeaked and she could feel her cheeks blushing slightly, both sets.

The touch of his palm on her right butt cheek made her jump. He must have kicked off his shoes as she had not heard him come closer. “Beautiful,” he murmured. “Where are the kids?”

“She took them for the rest of the day…and night.”

“It’s been awhile.”

“Too long,” she said softly. “I’ve missed you.” The feeling of his lips sliding over her ass made her moan.

“I’ve missed you, too.”

She had become so used to the feeling of the thing on her back that she forgot it until the weight was gone. A spluttered laugh came from him. “I’m assuming this was Steph’s idea?”

“What is it? She wouldn’t tell me.”

“Oh, well, then who am I to spoil the surprise.”

Oh dear. That could be bad. What had Stephanie bought?

Both of his hands began to massage her buttocks making her sigh. “Where did the bench come from?”

“I bought it years ago, but when I got pregnant with Gary, I had it put in the attic.”

“Wonderful. So it’s ours.” Before she could answer heat spread across her right cheek as the wonderful sound of flesh meeting flesh filled the air.

“Oh!” she gasped. It had been too long since she had felt it. “Yes. Ours.”

“Good.” For several minutes neither of them made a sound. His right hand brought out the heat across her rear end as his left lay lightly on her lower back. When the small spanking stopped, she squirmed.

She was just getting warmed up. Surely he didn’t play to stop now. “Jake?”


No movement. No sound.

“Jake!” she said, a little more annoyed.


Huffing in annoyance, she glared at the floor. Until fire erupted across her sit spot.

“Shit!” she screamed as another WHAM! Landed across her upper buttocks.

“Perfect,” he said, pleasure in his voice.

“What is it!”

“A paddle, courtesy of our friend.”

Obviously Jake liked this little toy. He would. He had a fondness for things that made Cora scream…and then come. Damn him. And damn the implement that she would end up loving no doubt. Their best toys she had a firm hate/love relationship with.

The pain was excruciating. In a horribly good way. Cries spilled from her lips as his heavy breathing began to match hers. When the paddle stopped falling, she winced as the best and worst thing about the actual stop of a paddling was the fact that once you were not concentrating on the blows, all you could feel was the searing heat it left behind.


She squeaked, not expecting the blow on her left cheek.


Another one, very deliberately done on her right cheek.

What the hell was Jake doing?

When the last strike fell right between her cheeks, she yelled out, making several derogatory references to his birth. They made him chuckle.

Slowly his fingers lightly traced the heat, feeling like a branding iron lightly trailing over the part already burnt. Her breaths were still coming quickly when she heard the sound of his zipper.

Yes! This was also what she had wanted. The physical joining after a spanking. Always wild. Always rough. And many times sure to make her faint. Yes, yes, yes, please!

His fingers grasped her hips and she received no further warning before he pushed inside in one lunge. After five months of no sex, it was a bit of an intrusion and she screamed as she came, her pussy milking his cock. Instead of moving, he waited until the muscle spasms slowed and she began to breathe easier. Then, he fucked her. Hard. The bench slid an inch or so every time he thrust in, every slam of his body meeting hers in a need-infused fog that nothing else could fix.

His fingers dug into her hips as he pummeled her cunt continuously until a loud grunt left his lips and he shoved in, holding himself inside as she felt him throb within her. Closing her eyes against the sweat dripping along her cheeks toward her forehead, she panted softly as he leaned over and kissed her back.

“Best gift ever. And you said we had all night?”

“Mmhmm,” she said, unable to vocalize anything.


With firm hands, he released the restraints, pulling her backward into his arms where he turned her around and held her close. “That was a good start to a July Fourth celebration,” he said with a deep rumble, a telltale sign he was already beginning to feel frisky again.

“Mmhmm. I’ll have to talk to Stephanie about that paddle, though.”

A bark of a laugh left his lips and he turned her toward their side table. Wiping the sweat out of her eyes, they focused on what lay on top of the deep cherry wood.

Three paddles, not one. And each one had a raised word upon it.

“Oh, no.”

“Oh, yes,” he chuckled. “Come here, I’ll show you.” Taking her hand, he led her into their bathroom, turning her around so that her ass faced the full-length mirror. Then he handed her a hand-held one.

It didn’t take much to see what the paddles had left behind. From the top of her buttocks to her upper thighs she was a bright, flaming red. A few bruises were beginning to pop up as well. But showing up, white, and slightly raised from the skin, were three words.

RED sat on the left butt cheek, WHITE in the middle, and BLUE on the right cheek.

She wasn’t sure whether to kill Stephanie the next time she saw her or hug her.

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