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Hey! And welcome to another My Sexy Saturday. I’m so entrenched in my M/M stories lately that when this week’s “My Sexy Woman” theme came up, at first I thought, I don’t have anything…until I remembered that DUH! I have tons of m/f stuff. LOL *Not sure it’s good to be this  brain dead right before I start my 5 weeks of writing challenges.*

So these 7 paragraphs are from the first Corbin’s Bend book Finding Their Bliss. Char isn’t used to people  helping…but she is also used to putting her foot in her mouth. After telling Brent off for no good reason, she finds herself having to eat a little crow while she calls to apologize. Only, he’s got other ideas.


“Look, um, I’m really sorry for what I said a few days ago, and I talked to Lelo and he said you paid for my truck’s repairs. So, if you could tell me what I owe—”

“How are you feeling?”

What did that have to do with her apology? “Fine. I had a headache for a while, but it’s gone now. As I was saying, if you cou—”

“Would you like to go to dinner?”

She watched her fingers pick up her pen and begin doodling in the middle of the lined page as if completely disconnected from her body, as she tried to make sense of this completely nonsensical conversation they were having. “Dinner?”

“Yes. You. Me. Food. At a restaurant. What do you say?” The bark was most definitely gone, but as amusement had taken its place, she began to wish for the bark to come back. The bark made her body tingle.

She supposed it wouldn’t hurt to go to dinner with a member of the development board, give an in-person apology, and then she could write him a check. By the time she left, she could go back to being by herself.


Good luck with that, Char!

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