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CourtedbyTime-customdesign-JayAheer2015-200x300Today, I’ve got two posts for Coming Soon Sunday! And they run to two different sides of the scale. Saving Lady J was dark BDSM and this one is inspirational romance. You can find a little bit of everything on Coming Soon Sundays.

This is Bree Cariad’s newest which will be out on July 22nd. Courted by Time is book 7 of her Inspirational Romance series, In Hyacainth.

Courted by Time

In Hyacinth, Book 7

With her courting year over and no men on the horizon, DeLynn Straynar decides to do something different with her life and signs up to attend college in Longdale an hour away. Her first day there, she runs into Zachary Styles, the school’s single chaplain and feels attracted, but quickly tries to convince herself she feels nothing for him. Until they meet again and again. With school taking up so much of her attention, she tries to focus just on it, but ignoring the gorgeous brown-eyed man is difficult and she’s not sure she wants to.

Zachary is twenty-five and working toward his doctorate in divinity. While aware of Hyacinth, he never imagined he would physically discipline anyone, until falling for DeLynn. She thinks getting courted will be the hardest part, but their courting year turns out to be fraught with trouble. From her best friend running away from home, to trying to figure out who she is in an environment so unlike the one she grew up in, the entire year is filled with stress. She keeps hoping that in time, everything will work itself out.

Unfortunately, time can only fix so much and as her anxiety goes through the roof and she finds herself in a manic mode she cannot stop, it doesn’t take long before she realizes that while sometimes she needs to figure things out on her own, there are also times she needs to hand the reins over to someone else.



Shaking her head, DeLynn’s eye was caught by a group of students to their left. Or, more to be exact, her eye was caught by a man in his mid-twenties who was standing with his foot on a bench, talking to the other students. Her heart beat sped up as she watched him. He wore the kind of outfit many of the guys walking by wore, but there was something different about it. Blue jeans with a tan button-down shirt with a light black jacket looked incredibly good on him. Shaggy black hair, naturally tan face, almond-shaped brown eyes, and a gorgeous mouth. Wow. They didn’t make guys like him in Hyacinth.

“Who are they?” Chrissa asked, though whether it was because she noticed DeLynn’s preoccupation with them or for another reason, DeLynn was glad for the interruption.

“Oh, Zach!” Karen called, waving, and the man DeLynn had been watching looked up and waved back, a warm smile crossing his face. Karen led everyone toward them and DeLynn tried not to stare too blatantly. “Zach, these are future students. I’m showing them around campus. Everyone, this is Zachary Styles. He graduated from LCC four years ago and after getting his Masters in Divinity from Seattle University, we were thrilled he accepted a position as our resident chaplain. He’s also working now on his doctorate.”

“Because I’m a glutton for punishment,” he replied, a wonderful soft accent pouring from his lips. DeLynn had no idea where he was from, but she found herself captivated.

“See you later, Zach!” several of the girls who had been talking to him called, waving as they walked away. He waved back and turned his attention to their group.

“Welcome to LCC. I’m sure you’ll love it here. It certainly changed my life.” His soft brown eyes met DeLynn’s before moving on and she gulped, her breath speeding up. “While you’re here, I encourage you to visit the chapel and my offices if you ever have need of someone to talk to. That’s why I’m here.”

“What church are you?” Brian grunted.

“I serve all denominations. I’m versed in the sacrament of all major Christian religions as well as services for many non-Christian religions as well. On Sundays, I hold two interfaith services and one non-denomination service. Plus, I hold daily meditations, run a yoga group, and every Wednesday night, host a spirituality night. If a student believes I do not have what they need, I’m in contact with all the religious leaders in the area and can refer them if needed. I’m not here to gather a flock. Instead, I hope to foster a person’s own spiritual journey, whatever that may be.”

“He’s amazing,” Karen said with a slightly breathy voice and as DeLynn looked over at her, she realized Karen had a crush on the man. Oh. For all she knew, maybe Zach and Karen were a couple.

“And I know you’re on a tour, so I’ll leave you. But I encourage you to come to LCC. It’s a wonderful school. It changed me from someone wandering without purpose into a man who understood where he was going. I’m sure it can do the same for you.” He smiled at each one, briefly meeting DeLynn’s gaze before turning and walking away, his long legs gliding across the glass.

“Where’s he from?” one of the other girls asked, watching him go.

“His father’s from New Zealand. His mother’s Hawaiian, I believe. They moved here when he was a teenager.” Karen watched him until he disappeared behind a building and then seemed to remember where she was and what she was doing. “So, LCC…” She went on about each department and they toured each of the community college specialties, taste-testing a couple sweets in the pastry area of the cooking school on their way. By the time they returned to the administration building, DeLynn’s head was crammed full and she could hardly wait to start. Even if she had no idea what she actually wanted to study.

“All right. Well, if you have any more questions, feel free to call. If you’re ready to sign up, head over to administration and they can get you started. If not, have a wonderful day and we hope to see you at LCC.”

As the group dispersed, Chrissa grasped her arm and pulled her toward a set of stairs.

“Where are we going?”

“Checking out more of the school.”


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