Because I find the best way to push myself is…

Well, honestly for me, the best way to push myself is to NOT have the time to do something. And as I am working 40-60 hrs/week right now and want to finish some manuscripts, this seemed like the perfect time!

So, I’m hoping you will encourage me along as I start this insanity tomorrow. the updates will always be on the upper right side of the posts pages of my blog. (I’ll try to upload the newest count every night, but if I forget, I’ll do it the next day 🙂

So, what’s my challenge? To write one helluva lot of words per week – that’s right. PER WEEK – or more to be exact, every 8-9 days. It’s like doing a NaNoWriMo every week! Some of the writing will be by talking into a microphone and doing speech to text while I work on my contract jobs – which should be interesting, but with my schedule, it’s my only possibility of reaching my goals.

Cheer me on 😀

Goals: (there’s a reason for the different numbers)

July 18-26: 55k words – Total Reached: 61,697

July 27-Aug 4: 60k words – Total Reached: 66,858

Aug 5-12: 60k words – Total Reached: 55,310

Aug 13-21: 60k words – Total Reached: 60,370

Aug 22-30: 35k words – Total Reached: 61,748

Total Expected: 270k – Total Reached: 305,983

That makes 270,000 words from July 18th through August 30th. Will I sleep? Not much. Will I eat? When I can feel myself nodding off. Cross your fingers for me folks, I’m gonna rock this thing!

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