Welcome to the Spotlight – Love Bytes

Today I’m excited to spotlight Love Bytes, a review blog.

Tell me a little about your blog – when did it start, why did you start it, how did you come up with the name?

Hi Love Bytes started 2 years ago as The Blog of Sid Love founded by my friend Sid Love. I joined the blog around 1,5 years ago , became co-owner and took over the blog in april of 2014 when the name changed to Love bytes. I felt the name needed to change because Sid was leaving and I was looking for a more general name , I asked different friends , brainstorming on the titles and eventually a wonderful author friend came up with something close to the name we settled on and Love Bytes ( Reviews) came to life.

We are a same sex review blog reviewing an average of 25 /30 books a week and hosting blog tours and blog posts every day mon – sat.

We also host a monthly authors post every day by different authors.

We also have a book of the week and book of the month poll and you can advertise on Love Bytes.

We welcome every one to the blog with open arms and are happy to host them.

How many books do you think you’ve read since your blog has started?

I have to say I cannot even imagine how many . In the beginning I reviewed all the books I read but nowadays I am more busy with other things and I really need to find time to read.

But I would say in the 2 year that the blog excists a couple of hundred will it be at least .

Is it just you reviewing or do you have a team of reviewers as well?

I have a wonderful team of reviewers! Some who have been on the blog for a long time. Their names: Carissa, Roberta, Donna, Vicki, Amber, Dan, Cindy, Tara, Dennis , Marieke, Tidal , Tammy , Lily, Pam, Kimberley . Love Bytes wouldn’t be the same without them!!

Who are some of your favorite authors that you’ve read?

I am a fan of different authors and I like a lot . It is no secret I adore the work of Andrew Grey, Mary Calmes, Sjd Peterson, Carol Lynne, K.C Wells, Max Vos, Rhys Ford ,B.G Thomas as also some “newer” authors like Ashavan Doyon, Renae Kaye & Eli Easton.

I could name many many more to be clear!

What’s your favorite book
1) as a child
That is difficult because that would be a dutch book ( as I am from the Netherlands )

2) as a teenager/young adult
That would have to be the Harry Potter books

3) right now
As I am kind of solemly reading M/M for the last two years that would be some books of that genre
For me my old time favorites are the Love Means Series by Andrew Grey and The Change of Heart series by Mary Calmes. Trailed closely by Carol Lynne her Cattle Valley series.

If you want some more recent /current series I would have to say The Collars & Cuffs series by K.C Wells or The Guards of Folsom series by Sjd Peterson, are a couple of examples I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book that comes out.
( Yes I am a series girl )

Let me thank you for this opportunity
It was fun
Thanks Dani
Love Bytes
same sex reviews


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