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Today, meet the BFD Book Blog 🙂

Tell me a little about your blog – when did it start, why did you start it, how did you come up with the name? 

Let’s start with why we started – basically we love to read and we felt we had a lot to say about the books we love to read. We wanted to promote the authors we love and find new ones to love. We started in July of last year (2014) so we’re pretty new to this and are still learning every day!!

Ha! The name…there are 3 of us and we live in Texas. At our initial meeting, we were trying to come up with a name that encompassed all that but failed miserably. The meeting was at a restaurant in the area that had a meal called ‘B.F.D.’ which at least one of us orders each time we dine there. Since we all pretty much feel like we’re Big Freaking Deals, we decided to steal that. To make it fit the blog we changed it to ‘Books, Friends, Drinks’ since every time we get together with our friends we end up drinking and talking about books!

How many books do you think you’ve read since your blog has started?

Between the 3 of us I’m betting we’ve read close to 400 books!

Is it just you reviewing or do you have a team of reviewers as well? (If you have a team, please feel free to mention them )

Right now it’s just the 3 of us but we are considering expanding our reviewing team to one of our book club groups or offering a ‘guest reviewer’ spot on the blog.

Who are some of your favorite authors that you’ve read?

So…since there are 3 of us and we cover several genres and it’s hard to pick favorites I thought we’d list our top 10.

Christina’s Top 10 (all m/m since I am the resident reader of that genre and in alphabetical order, also keep in mind I am new to the genre and have had limited exposure still but that is expanding! )
1. Kade Boehme
2. Jessie G
3. Riley Hart
4. SE Jakes
5. Jamie Reese
6. Marie Sexton
7. Felice Stevens
8. A.E. Via
9. N.R. Walker
10. K.C. Wells

Missy’s Top 11 (I know, I can’t follow the rules 🙂 Mix of contemporary and paranormal and not in any particular order.)
1. Kristen Ashley
2. Joanna Wylde
3. Kim Harrison
4. Kylie Scott
5. Mia Sheridan
6. Jeaniene Frost
7. Laurell K Hamilton
8. Ella Frank
9. Colleen Hoover
10. Harper Sloan
11. Samantha Towle

YM’s Top 10 (NOT in alpha order or order of importance, because I am NOT high maintenance like that! LOL!)
1. Jay McLean(huge girl crush on her right now)
2. Colleen Hoover
3. Rachel Grey
4. Ginger Scott
5. K. A. Linde
6. Kylie Scott
7. Alessandra Torre
8. E. L. James(duh)
9. S. C. Stephens
10. Tijan

What’s your favorite book:

1) as a child
(Christina) – anything Dr. Suess
(YM) – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
(Missy) – Any Nancy Drew

2) as a teenager/young adult
(Christina) – I was going through a Steven King phase back then so it had to be one of his books
(YM) – Macbeth, Sweet Valley High Series
(Missy) – Any historical romance

3) right now
(Christina) – the last 5 star book I read (which is truly the only way I can list a favorite) was ‘Defined by Deceit, by A.E. Via. That book totally ripped my heart out, chewed it up, spit it out and then picked it up to put back together again.
(YM) – ‘How We Deal With Gravity’ This is the first book I’ve read to deal with a child with a disability and it just tugged at my heart. However, I do LOVE Thoughtless
(Missy) – Depends on the day and my mood. Today it’s Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley. I love Lee Nightingale.

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