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WIPsideimageIt’s another WipItUp Wednesday.
This is the final His Damsel in Distress snippet as the book came out 1 week ago. I love this scene – their first date. Mix two horny adults and Mexican food and you get…


Corbin hadn’t been kidding when he told Zinnia that he wanted her for dinner. Damn, the woman was absolutely edible. That blouse showed off her tits nicely, not to mention those tight black jeans and what they did for her hips and ass. As they walked back to his car, he reminded himself part of his physical reaction was because he hadn’t had sex in too long. For a brief moment he tried to remember the last time and then realized if he had to think about it, it had definitely been too far in the past.

The interior of his car usually smelled of the cinnamon air freshener that sat in one of the cup holders between the seats. Now it was combined with a heavenly feminine musk that was part perfume, but also part Zinnia. Internally grimacing at a hard-on that over the last twenty-four hours had been very cumbersome, he couldn’t remember ever being so turned on. Not even by Lena in the days when he truly wanted her. It must be this release from his marriage, he supposed. He was finally free and was on a date with a beautiful woman. Of course his body would be pleased.

All of the parking places were full near the restaurant so he drove around until finding a place. Once they got out, they walked a brisk block to get there. “I hope the wait isn’t too long,” he remarked as he held the door open for her.

“If it is, I hope they have good margaritas,” she said, an impish smile crossing her face.

Grinning back, he said, “You on tequila. Is this a good thing?”

“Oh, it’s a very good thing,” she murmured, walking toward the hostess’s desk with a distinct swing of her hips.

Damn. He would need to tease her more if this was her reaction.

There were two tables open, one near a table with a bunch of rowdy kids and a booth surrounded by adults. It seemed like a no brainer to him when he said he would prefer the booth. As they slid in across from each other, he noticed Zinnia was giggling. “What?” he asked, pulling off his coat and sitting it next to him.

“Not a fan of kids, I take it?” she asked in amusement.

“Children are fine. When they’re quiet.”

Laughing, she nodded. “Yes, I agree.”

Their server took their order, bringing their drinks and a large basket of freshly made tortilla chips almost immediately before leaving. There were two bowls of salsa. “Which do you think is which?” she asked, picking up a chip.

“Not sure. They both look the same. I guess we’ll have to try and see if we can stand the heat.” He looked her in the eyes as he said the last few words, pleased when her eyes dilated a little and her breathing picked up.

“Oh, baby, I can always stand the heat,” she said in a deep purr, dipping her chip into one of the bowls and putting it in her mouth. A loud “Mmm,” came from her throat making him lick his lips as she chewed and then swallowed. “Good, but not very hot,” she said, picking up another chip. “How about this one?” As soon as the chip entered her mouth, he knew the salsa was hot. Her eyes widened and she started making little blowing noises through her mouth, trying to calm down the heat. As soon as she swallowed, she grabbed two chips and tossed them into her mouth, chewing fast and swallowing them soon after.

Taking a deep breath, she pointed to the salsa she tasted first. “Good flavor, very little heat.” Then she pointed to the one she’d just tried. “Fire-alarm.”

Chuckling, he dipped his chip into it and took a bite. “Holy hell.” Fire danced along his taste buds, singeing everything it touched. Shoving the rest of the chip in his mouth, he swallowed half his beer in an effort to douse some of the flames. She giggled, dipping her chips into the heat again. “You can have that one. I’ll stick with the one that won’t turn my tongue into dust.”

“Afraid of a little heat?” she teased, licking salsa off the edge of a chip.

Leaning forward, he looked directly into her eyes as she popped the chip into her mouth. “Not at all. I just prefer the heat to be a little lower.”

After swallowing her chip and taking a drink of the large lime margarita she had ordered, she looked up at him through her lashes, sending heat directly where it had been simmering all day long. “Oh, that area’s already hot, if you know what I mean.”

Reaching down to reposition his painful hard-on, he cocked an eyebrow. “So someone’s spanked you already today?”

Throwing back her head, she laughed, the rich tones bouncing around the restaurant and drawing several eyes. As her laughter died down, she looked at him once again. “Why, I haven’t been spanked in forever. Care to tan my hide?”

“Fuck,” he groaned, leaning back in the booth. “Let’s continue this after we eat, or I might spontaneously combust.”


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