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I’m so thrilled to hand my blog over today to the talented author Ciaran Dwynvil. Psst, he’s offering some freebies in here so pay attention 😉


Have you ever been set up on a blind date? If you were and enjoyed yourself, chances are the matchmaker knew you and your date really well. Finding a new author to your liking is a bit like a blind date. You pick up their book and hold high hopes for an evening spent in a delightful company. Sometimes the hopes come true. Sometimes they don’t.

To avoid the latter in our case, let’s see without more ado, if I can entertain you with stories to your taste. If we find out that we’re a good match, I have two gifts for you, but all in the right time. Let’s do the reader-writer matchmaking part first.

I’m your kind of a writer:

  • if you love gay historical fantasy and/ or gay romantic suspense genres
  • if you know that in the name of love, a man can build or destroy, nurture or hurt, live or die, and sometimes all of that in the course of one story.
  • if you know that one man can be both cruel and gentle, brutal and kind, fierce and fearful, open and restrained, good and evil, strong and vulnerable, as what face of his he lets you experience depends on his feelings for you and on his circumstances.
  • if you love reading about immortals who have passions and fears just like mortal men.
  • if you don’t avoid violent scenes in your reading.
  • if you love stories full of intense sensual charge and vividly portrayed sizzling passion that goes beyond the boundaries of vanilla lovemaking.
  • if you like reading about dominance and submission, and understand that in a historical fantasy setting modern BDSM as we know it today doesn’t exist.
  • if you believe that love is stronger than death but rarely walks straight paths. In my stories, the men who are together in the beginning of the tale, may not be together at its end. They may find their true love much later in the course of a story than in a classical romance.
  • if you believe in the power of forgiveness in true love, and don’t condemn a man for flaws he has or mistakes he has made.

Sounds good to you? If it does, I’m glad you’ve read your way through to this point. Let’s spend some delightful evenings together. We can start right away with Throne for the Idol, the Compulsion Reads-endorsed prequel to my gay historical fantasy series Guardian Demon. You’ll get it from me as a welcome gift if you sign up for my Circle of VIP Readers at:


Here’s the book blurb:

thronefortheidol200Let the tale carry you to the Lindisfarena Monastery to witness a dark romance between Brother Rikard and High Demon Semiazas, the First of the Fallen.

A chaste virgin and a devoted servant to Maker, Rikard leads a quiet life in the monastery until the days of his sexual awakening. Haunted by desires he can’t name yet, he finds a release for his suppressed longing in music.

The low, dark, tortured tones coaxed forth by his fingers fill Semiazas’ ears with an urgent, irresistible, red call. In different red than blood this call pulses, and Semiazas can’t resist the strange allure of a misalliance with a mortal man.

A single kiss, so unlike anything either of them has expected, sets events in turbulent motion. Rikard’s ultimate surrender to his dark idol is just a question of time. But there is only one punishment his order has for those who leave Maker’s path. Death.

Will Semiazas save Rikard? Find out in this story that interweaves dark fantasy and romance that will make your heart beat faster.


But wait, I’ve promised you two gifts. So, here’s the second one: everyone in my Circle of VIP Readers is going to get a free copy of Unalloyed Love, Part 1. This book is going to be released just a couple of days from now: on the 1st of May. That’s the date when I’ll e-mail my VIP Readers a free download code. If you have an itch for reading a nearly 110-thousand-word-long, super-sexy gay romantic suspense about love, death, and redemption for free, make sure you sign up for my Circle of VIP Readers here:


The book blurb:

Unalloyed-Love200In a world where Light and Darkness gave birth to the Skies and the Void, to the Earth and the Waters; in a world where the first betrayal tore them apart and robbed them of their home, Darkness has been waging war on their blood children for four thousand years. When High Demon Belial embarks on the quest to understand an unalloyed power that may give his liege lord Darkness the final victory, Archangel Endingale will do anything to destroy the unknowing mortals who hold the first key to Belial’s enlightenment and true understanding of the powers of Love.

Master Viktor, a tortured murderer who has escaped justice, has built a new, respectable life for himself as the Reformer in a Reformatory for Young Gentlemen.

Wild and stubborn Amedee, Baron Drakeson’s grandson, acquiesces to a stay in Master Viktor’s institution only with reluctance, but his latest betrothal gone awry in a most unfortunate manner doesn’t give him any other option.

Haunted by concealed guilt, Master Viktor recognizes signs of torments that Amedee holds locked deep inside, and sets out to cleanse his new ward’s invisible festered wound.

As he takes control over his ward’s body and carnal urges, Amedee’s heart is touched too. When shy affection is born, Master Viktor at last cuts open the source of Amedee’s pain and guilt.

But can their feelings blossom into true love? Will they and their bond survive the destruction unleashed by Archangel Endingale?


And an excerpt:

The spanking horse it was for them and Amedee halted his steps by its side. The whole room smelled strongly of soap, leather, and oil. The scents grew in their intensity here as he stared at the well-oiled, smooth leather of the padding of the spanking horse. How will it feel? His bottom clenched and his breaths turned so shallow that he wasn’t sure whether some air made it to his lungs. Maybe not for he felt far too light in his head. In need to steady himself, he laid his hand on the padding. Sturdy leather kissed his sweaty palm.

Fearfully, he glanced on the wall where punishment implements rested in their mounted cases. He saw a whalebone cane there, as thick as a lady’s finger in its body, with a thicker, leather-bound grip for better control of the implement. This wasn’t a gentleman’s walking cane and he sincerely hoped not to ever feel its sting on his backside. Nearby, wooden paddles hung on their hooks, their wood darkened through consistent and generous application of oil. Some were third-of-an-ell-long and slender, some shorter and round in their shape, some were solid wood, some had holes drilled in their bodies. Amedee gulped. Nay, Master Viktor wasn’t half as merciful as he had appeared.

Under the paddles, the straps hung. Which one? Amedee feared. A razor double-strop caught his eyes first but didn’t hold them for long. A slender strap with two at least nine-inch-long tails tugged at his gaze next. The heavy-duty harness leather, burnished into a shine, sent a shiver down his spine and legs. It raised his hackles all too well even if the voice in his head had teased him otherwise. Now he wished for its presence. What if he had sent away his real guardian?

Gritting his teeth, Amedee forced himself to look at the next specimen on the wall. The beast was a mother of all straps. Near thirty inches in length, a good three inches in width, it seemed to protrude into the room. It’s an illusion, he told himself, but knew that the strap was indeed thicker and heavier than the others. Its menacing blade run near eighteen inches long before it swelled into a reinforced handle. Eight holes perforated the blade near its business end. This piece looked even worse than the one in the classroom, and Amedee had thought that the one had been The Strap. Now he reassigned the epithet to the monster looking at him from the wall. The holes in its blade, they were its empty eye sockets. Still it saw through them. And waited.

Goose bumps spilled all over his flesh. The waiting is the worst, he tried to console himself, and wrought his gaze off the wall. It didn’t serve him well to scare himself senseless before the punishment even began.


I think I’ve usurped Thianna’s blog for long enough at this point. I’ll be delighted if you take me up on my offer, but now it’s time for me to handover this place back to Thianna. After all, a guest is only welcome if he doesn’t stay too long.

Thank you, Thianna, for having me and my books over today. It’s been a pleasure for me to come for a visit.


It was a pleasure, as always, Ciaran! And don’t forget to sign up for his VIP readers list! 2 of his books for free? You don’t wanna miss this chance!

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