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My Sexy Saturday

And it’s another My Sexy Saturday. I keep forgetting to sign up. But I remembered this week 🙂 This week’s theme is Sexy Me Twice where once is most definitely not enough.

I’m giving you a snippet from His Damsel in Distress, the first book in Corbin’s Bend Season Three, which just came out on Thursday. In this scene, Zinnia and Corbin have just awakened after their first night together. She wants more, but is afraid he’s just biding his time before he leaves.


“Don’t lie,” he said firmly. “If you regret last night, tell me.”

“Regret it!” she said with a huff, sitting up and waving at her body. His eyes followed her hand and darkened. “This. This is what you slept with last night, Corbin. I’m overweight. I know you’re probably trying like hell to figure out how to extricate yourself, but believe me. I’ve been there before.” His eyes shot back to hers and there was anger in there. She ignored that. “Men want to go to bed if there’s a willing body, but once they wake up, they’d rather not hang out with the fa—” Her voice cut off as he spoke.

“Not. Another. Word.”

Startled, she watched as he sat up, pulling himself up against the head of the bed. He pointed and she followed his finger to where his shaft stood up, proudly from his body. Damn, but he had a wonderful cock. Probably a good seven to eight inches in length and uncut, which she wasn’t used to. And the man really knew how to use it.

“Do you think I’d still be hard if I didn’t want you?”

Confused, she looked back at him. “You’re a man. Don’t you get hard at any naked body?”

He stared at her for a moment before shaking his head. “No, Zinnia. I do not. In fact, I haven’t been this hard for anyone in more years than I care to mention.” Reaching out he palmed her breasts. “These are fucking beautiful. Plump. A man could curl into their depths. This,” his hand moved down and cupped her hip. “Can protect a man while he’s enjoying himself. This,” he added, sliding his hand over her rounded stomach. “Is fucking beautiful.” His voice went husky, making her gasp. As his eyes slid back to hers, she trembled.


Featured-His-Damsel-In-DistressHis Damsel in Distress
Thianna D.

Corbin’s Bend Season Three, Book One

Now available from:


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You’ve known the name Corbin’s Bend for awhile – now meet the man it was named after.

Corbin Nelson stayed in New York with his non-spanko wife when all of his friends built and moved to Colorado. With his reason for staying in the city gone, and his trust ripped to shreds, he moved to Corbin’s Bend to make a new start. His one rule: he would never give his heart away again. It only took a couple weeks for him to question that tenet when he rescued the same damsel in distress twice.

Zinnia Loraine bought into Corbin’s Bend to hide: from the paparazzi, a scandal, and most of all from a deranged fan. She thought she could hide in her home and stay safe and secure. When her car broke down and she was rescued by Corbin, all thoughts of hiding fled as she was instantly attracted to the tall, middle-aged man. That he was an alpha male who spanked and loved curvy women just made it even better.

Unable to keep their hands off one another after their first date, they both were in this for fun… until her stalker found her and they both realized how much they cared for one another. With his damsel in distress once again, this time Corbin had to call on others to help him. Would he and Zinnia get their happily ever after? Or would his rescuing days be through? If the stalker had his way, their happiness was about to end.

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