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Courted-by-A-KnightToday for Coming Soon Sunday, I’ve got a snippet from the sixth book in Bree Cariad’s In Hyacinth series. Who else is intrigued with Hyacinth?

Courted by a Knight
Author: Bree Cariad
In Hyacinth, Book Six

Marketing copy:

Deeka Williams is uncertain of her courting year. The list of single men in town who are looking for a wife does not give her a lot of hope. Until one of her father’s friends comes over for dinner. Intelligent, a gentleman, and sociable, Curtis Brenten catches her attention quickly, especially after he defends her against a bully. Unfortunately, he also seems to think that no woman would want a man in a wheelchair.

Between trying to convince Curtis that he is not his disability and fighting against the bully who delights in teasing her ruthlessly, she’s busy enough. But when she breaks a rule too many times by lashing out, she may have lost everything she has been trying to achieve. Have they built enough of a foundation to weather this storm or will the man she considers her knight walk away?



“Yep,” she said, putting the glasses down on the small table they had so that her father could fill them. “Nice and tart.”

“Perfect. So…Barrett says you just graduated high school. Are you going to college in the fall?” he asked, picking up his glass and taking a sip. That he didn’t make an awkward face impressed her. Deeka and her dad really liked their lemonade on the sour side.

“Not yet,” she hedged. “Maybe next year.” Courting year for a Hyacinth girl was too important. As much as she might try and convince herself that she wanted to explore the world, and she did, she also wanted what every other girl in town wanted. A great guy to fall in love with her. The two different desires just had a hard time coalescing, especially with the unimpressive selection of single men who were looking for a wife.

“No rush,” he said easily. “I think sometimes we push kids into college too early and they go, not so much to learn, as for something to do. Take your time.”

“So what do you do?” she inquired, after taking a big gulp of lemonade.

“I’m a writer.”

“Really? Like novels and stuff? Or journalism?” she asked with interest. Both she and her dad were avid readers. Not only did they have a book collection that would rival the best libraries in the world on their computer, but her father subscribed to all the major newspapers in every English-speaking country.

He grinned. “Mystery/suspense writer.”

“What are your book titles?” Her mind began to go over her favorite mysteries, wondering if she would have read one or two.

A few titles spilled from his lips and she didn’t recognize them. Turning to her father, she was confused by the amused expression on his face. “We have them,” he said, answering her unspoken question. “I just hadn’t given you access until your birthday.”


Curtis chuckled even as her father tried to hide a smile. “They have content not suitable for a young girl,” he filled in, saving Barrett who seemed to be looking for the right words.

“What he said,” her dad said with a grin.

“Oh.” She wondered if he was referring to sex stuff. The most she’d found in any of the romances her father let her read was a lot of rather gross, tongue-filled kissing.

“Mostly gore,” Curtis continued. “Some pretty intense murder scenes.”

“Sick man,” Barrett said with a chuckle.

“Some people have nightmares that keep them awake. I write out all the disturbing stuff while I’m awake and sleep like a baby.”

“What book would you suggest first?” she asked, wanting to read his works now that she had met him.

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About the author:

Bree enjoys good books with great characters. While she may be an adult, her favorite memories are from her teenage years reading inspirational romance with girls just like her and strong heroes. That’s one of the reasons she’s written In Hyacinth, a series of Courting Romances.

Courting Romance – where contemporary romance meets traditional values.


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