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His Damsel in DistressHello bloghoppers! Enjoying a Sexy Saturday? I write under two names Thianna D and Thianna Durston and will be posting snippets from 2 upcoming books over the next few months. A Good Family Man – by Thianna Durston –  and this one: His Damsel in Distress, Book One of Corbin’s Bend, Season Three under my pseudonym Thianna D.

This 7-paragraph snippet is from Corbin & Zinnia’s first meet


When he heard a scream, the relaxation fled and he settled back into the mode he was more familiar with. Silence. His head darted around, looking for the woman who had made that utterance and when another scream came, he darted in the direction of it. As he rounded the corner of Spanking Loop, he spotted her. A woman with long red hair and an abundant curvy figure was wailing at a car. A car. At first he wondered if someone was trying to steal it. Until he actually looked at the vehicle. A 1978 Pontiac with steam pouring around the hood. The damned thing looked like it should be in the scrap heap.

“You beastly, hideous, piece of—”

Fighting a laugh that was trying to bubble up his chest at the fury in her voice, Corbin stepped forward. “Is there anything I can help you with, Miss…?”

The redhead turned sharply in his direction, bright green eyes staring into his while pink tinged her cheeks. As her eyes darted around and finally settled on his shoes, she shrugged and sighed. “My new car was supposed to be delivered two weeks ago. With the weather it hasn’t been possible. Since I have to go to Denver today, I pulled the beast back out and the damned thing just died.” Her voice was filled with righteous anger until the end where it curved into a whine. And what an amazing voice it was, too. Soft, stirring, and with incredible depth. Unfortunately the whine made her sound like a teenager.

The laughter bubbled up further and he coughed to try and hide it. “The beast seems like a name that fits. Maybe you should shoot it.”

Gasping, she stared at him for a moment with wide eyes before a loud peal of laughter left her lips. “If you’ve got a gun, I’m game,” she teased when the laughter stopped. Her laughter made him smile and the laugh that had bubbled in his throat burst forth. It felt strange as he couldn’t actually remember the last time he had laughed like that. It was nice all the same.

“I think that even if you got it running again that it wouldn’t make it to Denver and back,” he said kindly, not wanting to upset her again. “Maybe with the good weather today, they will bring your car up.”


His Damsel in Distress
Corbin’s Bend Season Three, Book One
Release Date: April 23, 2015
You’ve known the name Corbin’s Bend for awhile – now meet the man it was named after.

Corbin Nelson had stayed in New York with his non-spanko wife when all of his friends built and moved to Colorado. With his reason for staying in the city gone, and his trust ripped to shreds, he moved to Corbin’s Bend to make a new start. His one rule: he would never give his heart away again. It only took a couple weeks for him to question that tenet when he rescued the same damsel in distress twice.

Zinnia Loraine bought into Corbin’s Bend to hide: from the paparazzi, a scandal, and most of all from a deranged fan. She thought she could hide in her home and stay safe and secure. When her car broke down and she was rescued by Corbin, all thoughts of hiding fled as she was instantly attracted to the tall, middle-aged man. That he was an alpha male who spanked and loved curvy women just made it even better.

Unable to keep their hands off one another after their first date, they both were in this for fun… until her stalker found her and they both realized how much they cared for one another. With his damsel in distress once again, this time Corbin had to call on others to help him. Would he and Zinnia get their happily ever after? Or would his rescuing days be through? If the stalker had his way, their happiness was about to end.

Now, how about some more sexiness?

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