Mr. Grey vs Mr. Grey

Okay, by now everyone in the world has heard of 50 Shades. I’m sure natives in the wilds of Africa have heard of 50 Shades (yes, that was sarcasm). But lately, there has been a huge release of one-liners comparing the movie Fifty Shades of Grey to Secretary. And they seem to find Secretary’s E. Edward Grey a far superior dom to Christian Grey.

I call bullshit. But I’ll get to that in a moment. First off, let me explain my feelings about the movie Secretary. I hated it when it first came out. I remember watching it and going – okay, we have two mentally disturbed people in a fucked up relationship. Sure there was spanking, but truly, that was the only decent part of the movie. I just re-watched it to see if I felt the same. Yup!

Now, let’s get to Edward vs Christian. First off, who are they?

Christian Grey -billionaire who runs his own hugely successful company who only has D/s relationships. NO romance. And he’s up front and honest about it. He’s controlling to the point of absurdity, but again, he’s honest about that, too. Unfortunately, he’s also a psychopath who chooses subs with brown hair that reminds him of his deadbeat mom so he can beat the shit out of them.

E. Edward Grey – lawyer who is barely making it, has issues with normal every day behavior in dealing with others. There is no notice of his behavior. Just one day, he smacks his secretary’s ass and continues to spank her while she reads a letter she made a typo on. To be honest, it’s kind of obvious he’s also a psychopath. He hires secretaries, making them work on a typewriter instead of a computer. Why? I’m assuming because if it was on a computer, they could proofread their work and fix their typos before they got to his desk. And then he wouldn’t be able to circle the misspelled words in red and come down on them. Once he has that secretary basically willing to do anything he wants, he fires her and brings in a new one.

Why the fuck does everyone think Secretary is such a great BDSM movie? It’s the story of two people with major social issues who are mentally disturbed who end up together. (Of which i worry what’s going on in the office with the new Secretary.) Don’t get me wrong, I get how d/s can help someone who has her issues. Truly, I can. But┬ájust because of that, it does not mean Edward Grey is a good dom. He’s actually hurtful and mean. I fully expected her to not only go back to cutting but to perhaps try and kill herself when he pulled his ‘you’re fired’ routine.

No, I don’t think CG is any better than EG, but it makes me ill that everyone is acting like E.Edward Grey is better than Christian Grey.

Both mentally disturbed – though at least Christian has some social graces – both psychopaths.

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