Look at ye #WipItUp #highlander #timetravel #romance

It’s another WipItUp Wednesday.

I’m continuing on with the highlander/time-travel novel I’m writing. This continues from my post last week.


The lights in the room dimmed as she hit the play button and the projector came on, showing a square of gray against the whiteboard. A few seconds later, her grandmother appeared. Jasmine couldn’t help but smile. Beatrice had changed, but not too much. She still wore her grayish-red hair in a bun on top of her head. There were many more lines criss-crossing the woman’s face, but then it had been almost two decades since she had seen her last. Even as old as she looked, she still had her sparkling green eyes that twinkled merrily into the camera.

“Ach,” Beatrice said in her Scottish burr, an accent she rarely gave up even though it did not rightly belong to her. Born to a couple in the lowlands, she had been raised just outside of London by her aunt. While she had visited Scotland a few times, Beatrice was just as much English as Jasmine’s father was. The old woman always claimed her Scottish roots, though, proud of her claims to being a descendent of several notably rakish Lairds who had fought hard against the English in the mid sixteen hundreds. “Look at ye,” she said with a warm smile. “It has been too long, little Jas. I have kept tabs on ye since your father took ye from me. Donn’a look so surprised,” she added sharply before smiling again. “When did ye ever know me to listen to me own son?”


WIP Title – Mystic Torch
WIP Blurb – For Jasmine MacLeary, coming home was not as joyous as it could have been. For she only came to England at the request of her grandmother’s solicitor and only after hearing that her beloved grandmother was dead. She thought she was there to get things in order. Nothing prepared her for the quest her deceased relative sent her on.

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